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Topic: Macbook connecting/disconnecting with USB
I have a strange thing going on. My Macbook doesn't have a standard USB port so i have a 3 port usb hub plugged into it. Into the hub (with all standard usb ports) i plug in my hard drive with all my music, the Pioneer controller and a USB mic. but when i fire everything up, the computer seems to continuously cycle through everything endlessly. it seems to be detect the USB hub one second then it doesn't and tries again. Most times it finally settles down after about 10 minutes and finally everything works, but it's really annoying. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Inviato Tue 05 Jan 21 @ 7:57 pm
did u resolve this? im with MacBook Air , only usb c ports, and im using a hub connecting an external hd and the xdi r1, but still disconect when im playing

Inviato Sun 22 May 22 @ 2:48 am