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Topic: Beginner Playlist Management Best Practices- Tidal vs Deezer
Hi All,

I'd kindly like to ask what are people's suggested approaches to playlist management in Virtual DJ using Tidal (and/or Deezer; any pros/cons between the two?)

Im just starting out with Tidal, and notice that I cannot add a Tidal song I have searched within Virtual DJ to one of my Tidal Playlists. I assume Tidal playlists can only be managed via Tidal (i.e., we cannot add new tracks to a Tidal playlist via Virtual DJ), but would just like to confirm. Do the same limitations apply to Deezer?

In this respect, how does everyone manage their playlists? Is the best/easiest approach to make a virtual folder?

Also, any key differences between Tidal and Deezer integration?

Looking forward to your comments :)

Inviato Wed 28 Apr 21 @ 5:57 pm
Not sure I understood completely..
But you can create your own playlist in Tidal (and Deezer) and add songs to the playlists with content from the service.

And you can create playlists in VirtualDJ and drag and drop content from anywhere (local drive, or online content from Deezer, Tidal etc)

You can not add content to premade playlist in Tidal that are curated by them.
Say "Top 100 songs" or what not. Playlist you subscribe to


Inviato Wed 28 Apr 21 @ 6:14 pm

Inviato Wed 28 Apr 21 @ 6:18 pm
Hi Rune,

Thanks, your first post is exactly what I want to do, but it doesn't seem to be working for me (vid below).

I have tried a few things:

- log in and out of tidal in virtual dj
- made a new tidal account using my email (my existing account is using Sign In With Apple (email hidden), and I wondered if that may be the cause). However I still have the same issue with my new account set up using regular email.
- downloaded the tidal app to my Mac, and tried the process above signing into both accounts (in case such functionality requires the app to be installed).

Any thoughts? Please note I am currently not subscribing to Virtual DJ (just using 10min trail with my controller), could that be the issue?

Please note the virtual folder does work, however ideally id like tidal playlists to sync so I can add songs to a tidal playlist on my phone and vice versa.

Inviato Thu 29 Apr 21 @ 6:16 am
On a separate note, I have made an account with Deezer and playlist functionality is working correctly; only having issues with Tidal. Wonder if anyone else has encountered this issue?

If not, I could just switch to Deezer.

Separately, is there a way to create links between songs that I find mix well together? Understand Rekordbox has the feature, and have tried to google for Virtual DJ but cannot find.

Inviato Thu 29 Apr 21 @ 6:59 am
user23285495 wrote :
Hi Rune,
Thanks, your first post is exactly what I want to do, but it doesn't seem to be working for me

If you login to the Tidal website is the tracks in your playlist then?
It says error downloading the playlist for some reason, maybe net issue or a bug ..
Wonder if adding ("uploading") worked, if you look at playlists on Tidal site, you should be able to tell ..


Inviato Thu 29 Apr 21 @ 10:45 am
Thanks, no it also doesn’t show online or in the tidal app. Perhaps a reinstall might work, because everything else seems to be in order

Inviato Thu 29 Apr 21 @ 11:42 am
Strange indeed..
What Tidal subscription do you have?

Cant reproduce my end at least, works like a charm

Reinstalling probably wont do anything. At best you could try log out and back in of Tidal.
But sounded like you already tried that

Inviato Thu 29 Apr 21 @ 11:59 am
Thanks, I'm using a Tidal Premium subscription.

I tired a fresh install of VDJ and logging out/in of tidal, and still no luck. Have contacted VDJ support to see if they have any thoughts.

In the meantime, Deezer is working well so I might stick with that.

On a side note, is there a feature to link songs that mix well together (similar to rekordbox)? Or if not, how do you keep track of things, eg: making a playlist with tracks in order that they mix well together?

Thanks for all help :)

Inviato Sat 01 May 21 @ 1:00 pm
Does VDJ play tidal videos?

Inviato Sat 27 Nov 21 @ 8:28 am
@DJDonchino yes it does :-)


Inviato Sat 27 Nov 21 @ 8:53 am