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Topic: Prevent "Start Karaoke" from Disabling Video Skins.
MoocatsPRO InfinityMember since 2016
Is there a way to keep the video skins active once selecting Start Karaoke?
As Karaoke uses the right deck; I want to manually use the left deck to play music video's and keep the video skin enabled as I think they're a great idea but sadly once you "Start Karaoke" it disables video skins regardless of the deck your using.

EDIT: Somewhat off topic; but in addition to the above, I don't suppose someone has made an edited version of the default "For Live" video skin to remove the deck component on the left. I really like the skin, more than any of the custom ones I've looked at but I just want the central part without the simulated deck on the left.

Inviato Wed 13 Oct 21 @ 11:07 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
There is no way to keep the video skin active once karaoke is started because karaoke skin is a videoskin

2) Depending on what you want (keep the equalizer or not) this is different
to remove the actions, remove the <stack> block

Off topic but related question:
Is there a way to keep the video skins active when Karaoke NOT started and playing a track tagged as karaoke instead of switching to karaoke skin during automix ?

Inviato Thu 21 Oct 21 @ 7:20 pm