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Topic: Suggestion for Content Unlimited renewal
I have been using the Content Unlimited service for several years, I find it extremely helpful for the younger generation where I can play "clean" version of songs. Something has happened on three separate occasions that has caused me to "suggest" an alternative. I do weddings and just four days ago, lost all of my cached songs (didn't lose but could not play them) because my subscription renewed during the reception. I had learned to update my cache before an event because the first time this happened, it was the Bride and Grooms first dance which sent me in a scurry to recover.
My payment is automatically charged each month so I should never have this lapse... could you possibly suggest to the company to find a way to have a buffer of some kind to prevent this from happening? Thank you for all of your support over the years, That's the reason I purchased this program in the first place ... the outstanding support of the staff and DJ's

Inviato Thu 14 Oct 21 @ 5:15 pm