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Topic: IDJ Pool Disappointing Lately
gmediaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Unfortunately, I think I am about to fire IDJ Pool. I rarely get the song I want to come up. Sometimes it will just say "downloading..." when I type in a song and it will often never tell me if there are no results.

Anyone else have a negative experience? Or are you really happy with it?


Inviato Mon 01 Nov 21 @ 8:23 pm
gmediaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
No love here I see.


Inviato Sat 06 Nov 21 @ 4:59 pm
Yes this been a issue since they changed the way search works on pool before you could do a partial search like typing better off you get 108 results but if you just typed better o you get 0 results same as better off al 0 results also if a song name contains certain symbols it also show no results for it.

so to get best search results use exact words make it short try do avoid using ft or feat, featuring and symbols like & etc so say searching for the song Daft Punk ft Pharrell & Nile Rodgers - Get Lucky shorten it to daft punk get lucky.

sometimes searching for a specific remix that they do have shows 0 results yet if u remove who is was remixed by you find it in the list can be a pain specially when trying to find a specific remix fast.

Inviato Sat 06 Nov 21 @ 5:54 pm
Yes you need to use full words
So "sheera" currently gives you 0 search results, while "sheeran" currently gives you 201 Ed Sheeran search results
Once you get used to that it works better than before

Inviato Sun 07 Nov 21 @ 5:46 am