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Topic: a master knob seperatly for each deck
Divoc91PRO SubscriberMember since 2017
i change a lot the leading track, master, depending on it is for rythem or melody and have to do this with th mouse often , it is easier like that then pushing 2 buttons, and if possible a turning knob with the different keys for each track to adjust just like the master if it is possible to do, if keys arte not that far from eachother, this would give me more time for the 3th or even the 4th track to find and be working with the 2 tracks allready playing consurning those keys. hope i am a bit understandable , thx

Inviato Thu 24 Mar 22 @ 2:17 am
Divoc91PRO SubscriberMember since 2017
and would be verry nice to have a knob who can put the effect off the echo to 25, 50 or 75 procent, without turning
on the knob, it is verry needed and hearable also, mostly when using beat grid break and then changing the echo from 0 or 25 to 50 or 75 , so doing that with 2 tracks and getting on 100 procent for echo you are able to use the beat grid break and wont if done proper even hear it that he is changed of place , the beat grid. WHEN I GO FROM 25 TO 75 ECHO PROCENT AND THE OTHER TRACK FROM 75 TO 25 _100 IN TOTAL YOU WILL HEAR A TOTALLY NEW BEAT ? SOUND DEPENDING ON HOW IT WAS DONE ? REALLY SMOOTH THING THEN

Inviato Thu 24 Mar 22 @ 2:27 am