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Topic: Going from Rekordbox6 to Virtual Dj
Hello, I recently bought a DDj SZ2 which is not compatible with Rekordbox 6 so I am coming back to Virtual Dj. I found the Rekordbox playlists. My problem is that a big chunk of my playlists is comprised of streaming music. Is there a way, without having to rebuild my playlists, to get virtual dj to show these tracks?

Inviato Sun 08 May 22 @ 5:57 pm
If you have same subscription music services in VirtualDJ, and set search to include content from that online catalog, it might find the song when you double click to find it

did you try that?


Inviato Mon 09 May 22 @ 11:07 am
I will try this. Its a bit of a headache. But already bought the SZ2 lol

Inviato Tue 10 May 22 @ 9:03 pm

Inviato Wed 11 May 22 @ 8:03 am