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Topic: Action POI PAD plugin
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
Hello, I would like to introduce new way for programming action POI. It is based on network control plugin. You can easily set own buttons
<button data-name="FOG 50%" data-action="os2l_cmd 1 50%" data-color="#d1d1d1">Fog 50%</button>

Because, now it is not possible set invisible maker via vdjscripts, program can set only CUE point. There is auto detect mechanism for next free cue point.

Inviato Sun 08 May 22 @ 9:10 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
not out of the box, but if windows you can set invisible action poi with a plugin I made 6-7 moths back.

I actually have 2 methods to do this, plugin on the fly or database edit with known placeholders.

Inviato Sun 08 May 22 @ 10:57 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
It is possible send "invisible" mark over network plugin?
Also, I dont undestand, how can I create cue point without number in current position like this:
set_cue & cue_name "test" & cue_color "#fff" & cue_action "..."
Any suggestions?

Inviato Mon 09 May 22 @ 6:49 am
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
New version coming

It is os2l server to artnet node converterter.
There would be Javascript editor, so you can trigger effects via VDJ. For example bubble machines for 5s etc, or automate scenes by genre.


Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 10:04 am