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geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Ok I am having issues getting FX Select to work with MST on the controller.

Under CH SELECT I set to MST
FX 1 = 1
Which I can now control whatever is first in the Master Effect List
I can control ON/OFF and Level/Depth etc with the Release FX button etc.

However, still set to MST under CH SELECT, If I then select FX 1 = 2 or 3 or even FX 2 = 1, 2 or 3 nothing else in the master effects list is selected/used!?!

According to the manual:
CH SELECT. Press this button to select on which deck (or the master output) the selected effect will apply to.

So I would 'assume' by reading the manual, whichever of the 6 effects I had selected would be sent to the master channel (instead of just current deck 1, 2, 3 or 4) and it would not have any relation to the Master Effect List?

Or if I am wrong and MST is to only control master Effects, then FX Select only seems to apply to one master effect, which makes it kinda redundant!?!

Sorry if it sounds confusing, but it already is to me lol

Again, is this some mapping issue for the DDJ-FLX6 that can be fixed easily so MST can actually work with FX Select?

Thanks for any help/advice.

Audio: Set to Speaker+Headphone
Master: DDJ-FL6 (WSAPI) Chan 1&2
Headphones: DDJ-FL6 (WSAPI) Chan 3&4

Also, updated to latest build b6921 of VDJ, using default skin.

Inviato Sun 22 May 22 @ 8:44 am
VirtualDJ works different with effects than most other software.
On VirtualDJ you have slots PER DECK and on Master.
This means that one deck can have different effects ready on it's slots than the other(s), and master follows the same logic.
The mapping of FLX6 allows you to toggle up to 6 effect slots per deck.
While decks by default have their first 6 slots populated, master doesn't.
You can of course select extra effects for the extra slots on master and then have the master being able to trigger up to 6 effects. However this cannot be done via GUI, since it only shows the 1st master effect slot. It can be done via script, or via a custom skin.

My main point here is:
Left and Right side effect slots don't need to be the same / have the same effects on VirtualDJ.
They are just the effects that will get applied on the given deck.
When you trigger an effect on a deck or master you don't send it's audio on an FX slot /unit.
Instead you just apply an effect on that deck (or master)
Also, FLX6 doesn't offer a way to select effects for the effect slots. Which means that you can select whatever effect you want for whatever deck/master without the unit knowing and doing something about it. If the unit offered a way to select effects for the slots, then it would be possible (via script / mapping) to copy/clone the same effects on all decks and master. However that's not the case.

Inviato Sun 22 May 22 @ 11:54 pm
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Thanks for the reply.

I get that VDJ works different from the "others" that is why I use it :)

But with this FLX6 I am wondering about the MST option in CH SELECT.

Do I have to add 6 effects to the 'master effects' or does the MST button output to master audio whichever effect is being used from BEAT FX FX1 (1,2,3) and FX2 (1,2,3)?

I already have effects set up per deck.

But having to press 1, 2, 3 or 4 in CH SELECT is a bit of a pain to keep having to do each time.

So I was hoping MST would save that step and just play the currently selected effect I selected for whichever deck (CH) I am using.

Or, would be nice if CH SELECT would auto select 3 1 2 4 depending on which the Master deck being used is.

Oh this is all starting to sound confusing, hope I have explained it enough for you to make sense of lol


Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 2:58 am
MST (Master) holds it's own effect slots.
FX1 1-2-3 are slots 1, 2, 3 and FX2 1-2-3 are slots 4,5 and 6.
In fact the same applies for decks.
There's no "FX2 unit"
It's just slots 1,2,3 and slots 4,5,6

For you to be able to use MST for effects, you need to setup the effect slots on the master output.
deck master effect_select 1 'echo' & deck master effect_select 2 'reverb' & deck master effect_select 3 'flanger' & deck master effect_select 4 'Cut' & deck master effect_select 5 'Delay' & deck master effect_select 6 'WahWah'

This is an example of how you can assign effects via script on the master output (since as I said the GUI only shows the first effect slot)

Another way is to copy the effects that are allready loaded on a deck
deck master effect_clone 1

This code will copy the same effects from deck 1 slots to master slots.

Finally keep in mind that:
1) Some effects work a little different when used on master VS when used on a deck.
2) On your controller you can use SHIFT+FX DECK SELECT to move backwards. So, if you have selected
deck 2, you don't need to press "FX DECK SELECT" 4 times to cycle back to deck 1. You can just press "SHIFT+"FX DECK SELECT" once.

Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 8:26 am
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Again thanks for the advice and help.

I am unsure why they would put such a small button to cycle through each CH. Even if Shift does reverse it as you aid. Would have been nice to have had a rotary control or even arrows just like BEAT below it has! Oh well.

Thank you for clearing up that FX2 is just effects 4, 5 & 6. Makes sense on VDJ.

And you are so right about MST treating effects differently, guess I might not bother an just use the CH Select instead after all!

I will however add one of your scripts above to the ONINIT of the console mapping.

For now I created a custom button to test for now and works, as you said above.

You have cleared up a lot of things in my head now.

Thanks again for all your advice, I appreciate it. :)

Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 9:50 pm