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Topic: Batch Creation of Remix Points and Re-Naming what those Points are labelled

My scripting skills are very rudimentary, but I am trying to learn. I began reading portions of the Script School chat as well as the syntax dictionaries and script examples. However, I could not find examples to help me amend the script below, which is based off of a LocoDog creation, which achieved a similar purpose. (Many Thanks to LocoDog!!!)

That said, my need is fairly straight forward and simplistic. I need a batch script which will create:
a) three remix points; b) place them on HotCues 3, 4 and on the last cue; c) show them in the POI Editor as Cue= Marker only and d) name them 'Mix In 1', 'Mix In 2' and 'Mix Out', respectively. I need the batch function in order to do this for several thousand songs. I have revised my work flow and play style. This script will help to automate my process and save countless hours of prep, instead of doing all of this by hand. As always, your assistance is very much appreciated.


set 'scrollStep' 0 & browser_window 'songs' & load & repeat_start 'scroller' ? repeat_stop 'scroller' :
repeat_start 'scroller' 100ms & var 'scrollStep' 0 ?
cue 3 !? set 'scrollStep' 1 : goto_cue 3 &
set _hot_cue 1 &
cue 4 !? set 'scrollStep' 1 : goto_cue 4 &
set _hot_cue 2 &
cue 5 !? set 'scrollStep' 1 : goto_cue 5 &
set _ hot_cue 3 &
set 'scrollStep' 0 & browser_scroll 'bottom' ?
repeat_stop 'scroller' :
browser_scroll +1 & load

Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 1:04 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
cue_name 1 "remix" "GivenName"

this will rename the first remix point to GivenName
making cues markers can't be done in app,
markers are designed cue number -1 in the xml a cues can't be reissued a number from inside vdj.

you'd have to work at the xml level to do that, have the scrolling thing do it's thing then

at xml level, ctr+h, find
replace with
Num="-1" Type="remix"

Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 2:50 am
Thanks LocoDog. Your help is always appreciated, along with your very wise words "MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR DATABASE BEFORE TRYING THIS". That said, I couldn't get the script that I wrote to trigger and cannot figure out what I am missing. Also, how does cue_name 1 "remix" "GivenName" work? What is the effect of renaming to GivenName? Duly noted on making cues is what it is.

Thanks Mate...

Inviato Wed 25 May 22 @ 3:19 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
nothing special about givenName, it's just a name.

Inviato Wed 25 May 22 @ 3:51 am
Thank you. Duly noted...

Inviato Fri 27 May 22 @ 5:46 am