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Topic: Windows 11 Problems with Virtual DJ
ike.fuhrControlleristMember since 2022
I bought a new laptop in February that came preloaded with Windows 11. Installed latest version of VDJ, and paired it with my Pioneer DDJ-400 controller. When hooked up to my 18" subwoofer and two 15" tops (through the controller), there is no bass. When I use a buddy's laptop with Windows 10 and RekordBox, the bass comes back (that rules out bad controller or speakers). We also tried his DDJ-400 controller with my laptop - there was no bass (so that also rules out a bad controller). When I use my girlfriend's laptop with Mac OS and virtual DJ, the bass also comes back. To determine if it was my laptop's audio card, I installed RekordBox and paired with my controller. The bass comes back. (This rules out bad laptop audio card or hardware)... so the only scenario where the audio contains no bass is when VDJ is paired with my laptop. Other DJ software works fine. Since my buddy had Windows 10, I am guessing that the problem is compatibility with Windows 11? And perhaps since most people haven't switched over to Windows 11 yet, there isn't much out there on this yet? I am banging my head on what is the problem here. When I ask for help from VDJ technical support they just deny that could be the problem Is anyone else having this problem when they hook up to a subwoofer? You won't notice the problem even on a monitor. You'll only notice once you try to hook up to a bigger speaker. Thanks in advance.

Inviato Mon 23 May 22 @ 10:46 pm
ike.fuhrControlleristMember since 2022
I will try to downgrade to windows 10 and see what happens then. But what a pain

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 1:33 am
I am using Windows 11 for quite some time now.
No issues with bass either.

So, whatever your issue may be, it's not due to the OS.
It could potentionally be an OS setting though (especially if you're using WASAPI drivers instead of ASIO)
Therefore better check out all sound settings of your laptop/OS first before going back to Windows 10

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 7:31 am
ike.fuhrControlleristMember since 2022
Thanks for the reply Phantom. Just curious - have you been hooking up to a subwoofer and large PA system? I wouldn’t have noticed the difference myself until I did that. As for the sound settings in the laptop, there really isn’t much to adjust besides the equalizers in the new MaxxAudioPro app for windows 11. It has very minimal effect however. Have you tried VDJ on bigger speakers? I’m just really stumped here and about to give up. I don’t want to switch to rekord box because I like the real-time stems on VDJ. But that’s just what I might have to do. Again thank you

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 5:06 pm
ike.fuhrControlleristMember since 2022
Also - the only option for the DDJ-400 is a wasapi driver. There is no option for ASIO. But I’ve ruled that out because when a different laptop is plugged into the controller, it doesn’t have the problem. Still using same driver.

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 5:08 pm
Yes, I have made gigs on large PA systems with Windows 11.

Try to change "exclussiveAudioAccess" setting in VirtualDJ to see if that helps.
Windows 11 have a few new "features" for soundcards, so there's a possibility that on your system the driver has an option enabled that's disabled (or not present) on another one.

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 6:43 pm
Windows 11 here and I have plenty of bass.

From what you wrote it seems like you only have one sub, is that right?

If that's the case, maybe the issue is with phase, as with a mono sub the bass will disappear if the left and right audio channels are out of phase.

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 7:02 pm
ike.fuhrControlleristMember since 2022

exclusive audio setting fixed it.

Thank you so much!!!!

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 7:58 pm