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Topic: Laptops with OLED displays and static image (VDJ skin)
Been loking at another laptop and the spec I would be after only comes with a OLED display.

Having has Samsung phones for years I'm aware of the issues with burn-in especially on taskbars and with static icons.

Does anyone use one with VDJ? I know the Windows taskbar can be hidden (not ideal), brightness can be lowered too (not ideal) and there's also pixel shifting but with VDJ being ran for 5 hours plus at a time there's a fair chance of burn-in happening.

Just curious to see if anyone else has had this type of screen and any issues.

Inviato Tue 06 Dec 22 @ 7:56 pm
I'm pretty sure your laptop will become obsolete before any significant burn in occurs.
Especially if you use a dark color skin.
Also I've been using a Samsung OLED TV as my Studio PC monitor for the last 4 years or so, and I can't see any burn in (yet)
And I use that PC about 12 hours per day, every day!

Inviato Wed 07 Dec 22 @ 3:52 am