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Topic: Hardware - Dreams & Wishes
WahlossPRO InfinityMember since 2017
I feel like it's time for VDJ hardware, yes, a fully decked out, professional controller tailored to all its features. I know it ain't coming no time soon but....
I dream/wish for a high end controller in the $1500 range with full sized jogs with in jog displays for deck & track info (not necessarily waveforms although that would be nice), but features that I think are needed but missing in current controllers.
Some are present but there is no controller that encompasses all or enough in one controller to fully access VDJ's features in a hands on, easy and intuitive way, that empowers the DJ and realizes the true potential and value of Virtual DJ 2023.
Yes, a superb job is done with mappings on current boards, but I still believe a dedicated licensed board is needed and would be eaten up by VDJ users all over the globe, and unlock how easy and powerful the software is for new users.
A common view is that VDJ software is so complex, but I believe dedicated hardware where features are more accessible to finger tips, would help change that narrative for the simple minded (lol).
Or even a STAND ALONE with large touch screen where features are more accessible on the screen without mouse fiddling to get to or change parameters, and cluttering the board with more knobs and buttons, and of course HDMI OUTPUT.

Here are some of the features I think would make that hardware superior to what is currently offered in parts by other brands, and if condensed into one high quality board would make it successful.
I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of VDJ users that would welcome a well made board made specifically for them instead of settling for remapping.

1. In-jog displays color coded to decks.
2. O-LED displays for pad pages & pads. (because VDJ pads are ultra assignable so at a glance one will always know what is assigned without having to look at laptop. Rane 4 had the right idea but didn't take it all the way.)
3. O-LED displays for effects with name and parameters. (sort of like on the prime 4)
4. O-LED displays for colorfx. (since these are also independently assignable VDJ)
5. Dedicated Stem buttons. (apart from pads)
6. User-Definable pads. (8 hardware accessible custom pads would eliminate mouse fiddling in software to engage)
7. Record & Broadcast buttons.
8. Mic talk-over switch/button and volume control on top, not front.
9. Loop encoder knob with O-LED display.
10. Long throw pitch sliders with center click.
11. 4 channel of course, with paddles (4).

Anybody else dreaming with me?
Maybe One of these days... (wink wink)

Inviato Fri 03 Nov 23 @ 8:59 pm

Inviato Fri 03 Nov 23 @ 10:36 pm
Placing my pre-order immediately. :)

Also would add some or all of (if wishing):

12) Encoders knobs and Color FX, (with Led ring indicators) eliminating phantom positions,
(IE the controller can be set to that of software, w ONSONGLOAD resets)

13) Have both Freq EQ and Stems EQ for all 4 decks, for the full Club version, (and Bank switchable button to toggle mode for the Portable Version).
(and for the Club version, 2 columns of EQ knobs per deck, would also have 2 Color FX knobs. for example, one could be pitch, and the other loop roll, or any 2 that one would like to change at the same time, or have quicker access to all the time)

14) have a dedicated button with O-LED display to toggle between modes/Banks of the EQ encoders, (like having a built in Midi Fighter Twister) for more scripting flexibility.

15) Have a location on the mixer section for maybe 3 smaller crossfaders, one for each Stems combo.

16) When stems first arrived I dreamed of having all 5 stems controllable from the deck. (and still also have Gain and ColorFX) I have now gotten used to doing all I need with 3 knobs. Adding additional access to all 5 Stems, since VDJ uniquely has 5 stems.. that could be more fully utilized.

and Last, and useful:

17) 4 smaller pad/buttons w O-LED displays per side to replicate 4 custom buttons of a skin.
(believe only VDJ has custom buttons, and would be amazing to extend that custom control with Controller access)

18) Add another shift-like button.. call it Func, so that all buttons and knobs could have a 3rd action, in addition to the shift.

Inviato Fri 03 Nov 23 @ 11:22 pm
Too many O-LED displays to count.. :P

Inviato Sat 04 Nov 23 @ 12:20 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
gesture controls? Not hand gesture - facial gesture, can't see straight? vdj suggests some wobbly glitch hop, staring too much at the LEDs? this man needs some psytrance, slightly red eyed ? ...tricky... second query needed, condition of the beard, unkempt? probably some psychedelia :

Inviato Sat 04 Nov 23 @ 2:02 am
…and in the absolute top model all knobs and faders have servo motors, so that the UI and HW are always in sync. Would look cool when auto mix is making transitions. 😅

Inviato Sat 04 Nov 23 @ 5:56 am
The Denon MC7000 was probably one of the best VDJ controllers. An up to date non Denon version of that would be awesome.

Inviato Sat 04 Nov 23 @ 12:23 pm
Mine would be an updated version of the NS7III, with the exact same layout but with an up-to-date look and modern day components such as better looking colourful LED's on the master and channel faders as well as the cue buttons, all would match whatever colours you choose on the VDJ software. The screens would be of higher definition and touch screen capability, a proper built in standalone and dual SWITCHABLE USB 3 or (and) USB-C inputs too. And most of all, it must retain the mirrored configuration I like so much.......but that's just me

Inviato Mon 20 Nov 23 @ 2:52 pm
Niels (cph) wrote :
…and in the absolute top model all knobs and faders have servo motors, so that the UI and HW are always in sync. Would look cool when auto mix is making transitions. 😅

ooooh!, I like that idea

Inviato Mon 20 Nov 23 @ 3:06 pm