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Here is my problem.
I have a Pioneer DDJ1000 controller which works very well with virtual dj, here I have a friend who has a Rane Four controller, I wanted to try the virtual dj on this Rane controller, in doing so, I lost all my settings, all my settings have been modified, even my color files have become completely white, only my cue points have not changed (Luckily I had saved everything).
I had the Pioneer DDJ SX before, I never had this problem.
if I understand correctly, each time I will want to change the brand of controller, I will have to reconfigure everything, this is not normal.
Sérato does not have this kind of problem nor Rikordbox, they adapt to any controller or mixer without the software losing their settings..
NB: I would like, if you have the opportunity to work on this problem, to ensure that when Virtual dj is connected to any controller, that it does not lose its settings or, once disconnected from the new controller, finds the settings of the old controller.

Voici mon problème.
Je possède un controleur Pioneer DDJ1000 qui fonctionne tres bien avec virtual dj,voila j'ai un ami qui a un controleur Rane Four,j'ai voulu essayer le virtual dj sur ce controleur Rane,en le faisant,j'ai perdu tout mes reglages,tous mes réglages ont été modifié,même mes dossiers en couleur sont devenu tout blanc,seul mes points cue n'ont pas changé (Heureusement que j'avais tout sauvegardé).
j'avais la Pioneer ddj sx avant,je n'ai jamais eu ce problème.
si je comprend bien,chaque fois je vais vouloir changer de marque de controleur,j'aurais tout à reconfigurer,c'est pas normal.
Sérato n'a pas ce genre de problème ni Rikordbox,ils s'adapte à n'importe controleur ou table de mixage sans que le ou les logiciel perdre leur réglages..
NB: Je voudrais,si vous avez la possibilité de travailler sur ce problème à,ce que quand Virtual dj est branché sur n'importe contrôleurs,qu'il ne perd pas ses réglages ou encore,une fois débranché du nouveau controleur,retrouve les réglages de l'ancien contrôleur.


Inviato Mon 06 Nov 23 @ 5:57 pm
I don't know what you did, but that's definitely not the case with VirtualDJ as well.

I mean, switching controllers around does not affect the software at all, except of some controller specific settings.
I switch controllers regularly, and I can guarantee you that whatever the reason was that you lost some customization, was not due to using a different controller.

Controllers I used the past 6 months (without any issue at all) include:
Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 + DJM-900NXS2
Pioneer XDJ-RX3
Rane Four
Pioneer DDJ-RZ
Pioneer Opus-Quad
Pioneer DDJ-FLX4
Pioneer DDJ-REV1
Reloop Mixon8 PRO
Pioneer DDJ-REV7
Denon SC Live 2
Pioneer PLX-CRSS12

Inviato Mon 06 Nov 23 @ 6:09 pm
I did nothing other than plug it into the Rane four and my configuration changed and how can I explain it to you, that when I plug it into other pioneer equipment, I don't have this problem

je n'ai rien fait d 'autre que brancher sur la Rane four et ma configuration a changé et comment expliquez vous,quand je branche sur d'autre materiels pioneer,je n'ai pas ce problème

Inviato Mon 06 Nov 23 @ 6:24 pm
For what you describe to happen, you would have to either uninstall & reinstall VirtualDJ completely, or delete the "settings.xml" file from the VirtualDJ home folder.

None of these can happen because you connected a different controller.
Anyway, my point is (since this is the wishes & new features forum) that your "wish" is how the software already works.

We can try to troubleshoot your issue, but generally speaking the software doesn't reset settings when you connect another controller. Nor the brand or model of the controller has any significance as well.

Inviato Tue 07 Nov 23 @ 12:14 am
J J ZrnPRO InfinityMember since 2019
It did it with mine as well. When i switched from my Rev 1 to the DDj-400. I even rebooted and everything. Suffice to say, I switched back to my Rev 1.

Inviato Mon 20 Nov 23 @ 2:32 pm