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Topic: i have a sonystyle vaio pcg-grx550

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DJYAYOHome userMember since 2001
i have a new lobtop
pemtiun 4 (1.6)
512 ram
yamaha ac-xg wdm
and it should work really good
but there are sometimes
that the music skips
i do not understand
i have a sonystyle vaio pcg-grx550
do you thing is the lobtop
or the program
"""""i love atomixmp3""""""""""
but i am scare to use if it does skip ones or twis a nigth
pliz tell me what you thing

Inviato Wed 10 Apr 02 @ 8:13 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
must be a configuration issue. I have a Sony Viao also. An AMD 800. Worked real well with Atomix 2.0, but absolutely flawlessly with 2.1. Just be sure to disable or uninstall anything that you don't need. Shut off the virus protection, and crap like that. I usually use it for 4 gigs every week. If it skips, I probably have a bad MP3 file.

Inviato Wed 10 Apr 02 @ 8:53 pm

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