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Topic: Attention: Network Administrators & Webmasters !

Questo argomento è obsoleto e potrebbe contenere informazioni obsolete o errate.

I have a small question:

I am currently enrolled in a 2 year Computer Systems Technician program in college which specializes in network administration (particularly in Windows 2000 including a bit of novell and cisco).

However, there is a very large Visual Basic component in it (3 Semesters) which is very taxing and I am wondering why they focus so much in VB considering we are going to be network specialists ? I understand knowledge of VBScript is essential, but is it really too much ?

Also, the version we are using is 6.0. Next semester they are transferring over to ... Is there much of a difference ?

Thanks for your help !
-- Dave --

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 6:43 am
Personally, I think learning such a platform-dependant language as VB is quite a waste of time. I'm learning Java now, it's pretty usefull, but eventually I'm going to switch over to C# for .NET development.

I don't know why they're focussing on a language so much in a networking course... typically it's like PC repair and Windows maintenance, with TCP/IP networking and the mentioned Cisco stuff.

Learning a language will boost your computer ability though so it's not a waste of time. VB.NET is apparently quite similar to regular VB, with lots of .NET extension capabilities that are probably about the same to use as the current networking abilities of VB.

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 9:07 am
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
btw i posted that

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 9:09 am
hey what's the deal with C#? i've taken C/C++ for about 4 years now along with a lot of other stuff. i'm majoring in computer science. is C# part of the whole .NET surge? i'm just curious. and how different is it from regular C/C++?

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 9:15 am
Understanding VB has one big advantage: you understand the applications you use and support better by knowing what happens behind the GUI's..

I'm glad I took my different programming-courses (Pascal, C/C++, Lisp/Scheme, Java and some webrelated languages).. it's given me a better understanding of what it is I'm working with; it's not "just an application that does this and that" any more.
I see everything as which ports/API's/etc that are used and it sort of helps when you run into a problem and actually know what should be going on in the system...

..but this ain't a forum for IS/IT-educations.. it's about MUSIC so drop those books for an hour or two and find a nice groove to save your day :o)

*over and out*

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 11:17 am
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I didn't take any programming courses (only read books and books and books ;) and source codes), and now I'm quite familiar to Java 2, C(++), some weblanguages (asp, html,...) and the old stuf like QBASIC, and I know a little about VB.
Why you learn VB, don't ask me, ask your teacher lol ;) The difference between VB (6) and is quite big. The best you can do is check for more information concerning this subject.

I saw someone who wrote he'd rather teach you Java, well, I don't agree with that. Java may be not-platform-pecific, but it has it's disadvantages too. It is e.g. too slow. I once started writing a DJ mixing prog in Java (using JMF for the multimedia support), I even added automattical beat-counters and so on, but it was WAYS TOO LOW TO DO THE JOB. The GUI you can build with Java (even in swing) isn't great neither. If you compare it with what you can do with MFC...

I also learnt the basics of C# some time ago, and I think it can be usefull, but I read on the forum of MS concerning C# that it isn't really fast neither.

So I stick with C(++). It are still (next to assembler of course) the fastest programs I think. It has it's disadvantages too off course: it isn't really easy to learn (e.g. the pointers) but those pointers are still very usefull to fasten up your code (try to write an OS without using pointers: you willn't be able to get it up and running (fast enough)!). Writing DLL's with a GUI in VC++ without using MFC (because I can't get MFC DLL's to work with Atomix effect plugins :() isn't really easy to do neither, but once it works, it runs like a dream.

OK, that was my point of view. I willn't harm any of you who love Java or another language, it was just my idea. I like Java too, but... ;)

Greetz, ikke

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 12:41 pm is substantially different from VB 6, it's like learning VB all over again

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 5:41 pm
nateHome userMember since 2001
hehe... VB is very handy for automating admin tasks on Win2K, especially directory related stuff. VB is basically the equivalent of shell scripting for Win2K .. hehe

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 10:26 pm
What is the whole story C # and ? What are .net extensions ?

Is Java only used for internet applications only ?

Is C++ machine dependant ?

Is assembler still being used ?

Ikke: you wrote a mixing program ? Did you try coding in C++ instead ?

Nate: I never knew you can automate tasks on win2k using vb !?!

BostonVlad: How sure are you that they are substancially different ?


Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 6:42 am
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I know some more C++ now, so maybe one day I'll sart to code it in C++...

Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 12:43 pm

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