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Topic: volume control (gain problem?)

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DavidPRO InfinityMember since 2001
Sometimes when I'm playing a song, the volume raises with 0.1 (mostly at the end of the song) in sound level. This is not a real problem, but the next song automatically adapts to the playing song and chances are this song will also raise with 0.1 or 0.2. So after several songs I have to conpensate the gain (lower it) because I will be playing at a 6.0 level instead of the 2.3 I started with.
My questions: does Atomix calculate the sound level of songs after scanning them with the analyze function (or does it only do the BPM)? Can I get around this problem by normalizing my mp3s?
suggestions welcome! thanx,


Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 7:31 pm
ive noticed the same. it looks like it only finds bpm when u scan, cus the level changes all the time the first time u play a track. looks like atomix is looking for the volume peaks or something. anyway, i use an ext mixer where i use the que level meter to set the so much better... DO not trust the level in atomix :P hoho

:+: dj vishnu :+:

Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 1:48 am
Well .... you know what .. I do the opposite ! I don't bother with the gain controls on my mixer ... I find that the auto-gain in atomix works great !! Its been really improved for 2.1 .

Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 6:09 am
Hey look the configuration or option .........disable the option
"auto Gain" this option sometimes work confused..........
Sorry I'm don't speak english

Greetings........Dj Albert ...Venezuela


Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 9:07 am
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
It does scan the gain along with the bpm but sometimes a little piece of the song can be over looked using the analyse feature. I find after a couple gigs everything is in order.

DJ Homeboy


Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 9:57 am
It might be the fact that songs tend to fade out eversoslowly in the outro of the song and that Atomix is trying to compensate for that and tries to keep the entire song at the same level (which is really good when mixing as you don't have to bother about intro/outro-gain) ...but it doesn't seem to do the opposite (compensate downwards) that much so the result is a steady increase in the level..

However, mixing an mp3 with a high outro-gain with a really loud (overall) mp3 should result in a lower gain on the loud one as it has to be lowered to fit with rest of the mix.. Hmm.. that was kinda blurry:
if the incoming track is louder than the outgoing one the gain should be(probably isn't) adjusted on both so that the loud one is lowered and the outgoing one is just changed slightly...
and if it's possible there should be some kind of gain-return-function, slowly resetting the gain of an out-of-the-ordinary MP3 so that this kind of build-up doesn't happen..

I myself haven't noticed it though...maybe 'cause I don't look that much at the gain-levels.. but I don't hear any buildup either.

Inviato Mon 15 Apr 02 @ 9:26 am

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