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Topic: laptop users read this.. oh heck everyone read it

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my 800x600 version of janosch's tascam skin just got posted in the skins section. make sure to click on the "show all submissions" link. i will be posting the JN-Silver 800x600 version most likely tomorrow night. i know i'm personally gonna use these becuz i run atomix on my laptop. i'll be doing some more 800x600 versions of other 2.1 skins as well. even if only a few people who need the lower res skins dl them, that's cool with me.. as long as it helps out at least a little. i know there's a skin forum, but i already post in there and have made posts like this there as well.


Inviato Tue 16 Apr 02 @ 9:05 am
Yes, please make more 800x600 skins! I really need them!!

Inviato Tue 16 Apr 02 @ 4:21 pm

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