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Topic: Can I make the program skin for higher resolutions???

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manusaHome userMember since 2001
Every skin is 800 x 600, Is there any way to make the programa bigger?? (1024x768)(1280x1024)?????

Inviato Sat 15 Dec 01 @ 7:10 pm
I would very much like to see that feature too. My notebook display is pretty small and has a resolution of 1024x768. This means that in window mode, the atomix controls are very small; in fullscreen mode, I get ugly aliasing effects because 800x600 doesn't match the native display resolution.

It can't be too difficult to allow for different resolutions, can it? And it would help a lot.

Inviato Sat 15 Dec 01 @ 8:22 pm
Can someone answer this question, it would be a great benefit for those with screen resolution higher than 800x600.

Inviato Tue 18 Dec 01 @ 8:11 pm
OyyoDamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Sorry for now Atomix works only in 800x600. In full screen there isn't a lot of differences ! :))

Inviato Tue 18 Dec 01 @ 9:11 pm
dams, well, no, as i explained, it does make a huge difference on notebooks! 800x600 zoomed to fullscreen looks VERY ugly on 1024x768 LCDs. I actually don't use fullscreen mode because of this. But in window mode the problem is that fonts and controls are very small and hard to read on the 10.4'' display.

So 1024x768 support would mean a lot to me - and to many other Atomix users too, i think.

BTW - i used Atomix to mix in a bar two days ago, and apart from the strain on my eyes, it worked perfectly and delivered 4 consecutive hours of music without any glitches :-)

Inviato Sat 22 Dec 01 @ 2:05 pm

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