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Topic: possible eq fader?

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is it possible to skin 3 faders that fade seperately between the 3 eqs?

for example have the bass eq set in the middle for both decks, fade to deck A, you hear only deck A bass, as you fade over to deck B, deck A bass goes out and deck B bass comes in?

There would be a total of 4 faders - bass, mid, high, and the whole channel fader.

I think this would be useful if possible.

It doesn't seem possible...

Inviato Fri 21 Dec 01 @ 8:03 am
DJ OmniHome userMember since 2001
I think it would probably be possible in a future update, but not in a simple skin.

I know there is a new mixer that does this and I might just buy one.

DJ Omni

Inviato Tue 25 Dec 01 @ 4:41 pm

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