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Topic: The Ultimate skin for External mixer!!

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SalvaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Oke i have a question,

Can anybody make a skin for the Dj's with a extarnal mixer.
Whe only/i need the pitch, and the Automix button for the rest i love the JN-Classic lay-out so that would be cool to.

I tryed to make one but, that didn't happen ;).
So when sombody has the time i would apriciate it very much.

O ,i almost forgot two VU-meters for the db-output would fill up the space very good ( Hint ) :-)

Salva From The Netherlands.

Inviato Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 10:03 am
yep, two vu meters for the decks would be cool

Inviato Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 1:41 pm
bluffHome userMember since 2002
i have done so, but only for atomix version 2.0 and i use my own skin...
i wait for 2.1 to make it in 1024x768 and new buttons but if any one whats my skin now? :

Inviato Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 6:33 pm
why don't you post it? i'm really curious ...

Inviato Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 4:21 pm

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