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Topic: Any DECENT Equalizer plug-ins??

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Are there any Atomix-compatible equaliser's that work just like in Winamp? ie. not only can you enhance bass/treble, but you can remove it? In the section by Charlie Dj, Enhancer v.0.1.4 doesn't remove, it only enhances; and Shibatch Super Equalizer v.0.01 is hopeless for Atomix. It would be great if there was there obviously isn't much need for an equalizer plug-in for Winamp when it already has one.



Inviato Mon 03 Sep 01 @ 4:54 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I've seen some good (28 channel!) EQ's at the winamp site. I didn't test them, so I can't tell you if you can remove the sound of one channel. If you use AtomixMP3 2.0, you have a remover when you click with your right mouse-button on, e.g., the bass-EQ knob. Now the bass of that channel will be removed.

Greetz, ikke

Inviato Wed 19 Dec 01 @ 4:16 pm

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