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Topic: Flanger lite

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the flanger lite should last longer than 16 beats,its too short!
like the one the pro djs use! try an make 1 please!

Inviato Mon 08 Apr 02 @ 11:25 pm
pfft, the original lite flanger is fine...

Inviato Thu 11 Apr 02 @ 8:25 pm
I don't know if it sounds as good as I personally think it does but I like to combine BOTH releases of the Flanger Lite, both the first 16beat version and the revised 8beat version... it gives an eerie but at the same time uplifting jet'ish effect having two 8beat-flanges repeating over/within the longer 16beat-phase... maybe it sounds awfull but I like it.. :)

Inviato Fri 12 Apr 02 @ 10:26 am
im not sayin the original is shit but it would b better if there waz a longer one.

Inviato Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 2:45 pm

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