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Topic: is it possible?

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to make an effect that changes the vocals or high pitch? e.g speed them up or make them lower pitch etc??

Inviato Sun 09 Jun 02 @ 1:58 pm
it's probably possible (can't see how it would be impossible) to make an effect that just effect a certain frequency-span(the vocals) and takes that part of the song and time-stretches, pitches or phaseshifts(is that the correct term for "making it smurfy" :).
If such an effect was made I'd like to see a wetmix/drymix that can leave the original song unmodified in the background or partially/totally silenced so that the changed part of the song is the only thing that's heard (like SmartRepeat..I really like that one :o)

...but making an effect with these all these features will probably be hard as it would need a whole new algorithm for pitch/timestretch/phaseshifting which I would guess would take a considerable amount of time for any programmer.

(Yes you heard me, coders... show me that you can do it within a week.. I dare ya! ;o)
*just kidding..but I'd like to see it properly and not in a hurry though*

Inviato Mon 10 Jun 02 @ 7:52 pm

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