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Topic: fix up brake and swirl

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keepin in mind that i luv this plugin, i was juss hopin that sum1 out there could fix up tha brake and swirl; basicalli once tha effect has slowed down tha song, it onli speeds up 2 tha actual song, and not beyond it so that it sounds faster or that vocals sound lyke chipmunkz.

no demands here,
juss suggestionz

Inviato Mon 29 Jul 02 @ 6:10 am
This has been suggested earlier and I think it would be a nice option in the plugin:

(a) Swirl it up to catch up with the song (when it has slowed down after the swirl it's always aligned with the playback)

(b) Just speed up from zero to 100% pitch and in order to catch up with the playback a section of the song might be skipped during the silence after the complete stop so that when it has sped up to 100% it's in sync with playback again but that skipped part might be too rough and a indescrete un-cool trick for those who knows the tune...Bah.. fugg'em! It would be a cool effect anyways :)

no demands here neither.. just creative brainstorming :)

Inviato Tue 06 Aug 02 @ 4:49 pm
(nt = no text)

Inviato Tue 17 Sep 02 @ 8:14 am

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