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Topic: MOD the FRec of the vocal remov

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nashHome userMember since 2003
i am not really good crating but i can understand the language testing ...and i have a lot of time can somebody please explainme to mod the frec of the effect vocal remover??

i don need an especific ...just show me the parts to mod and i can do the rest ..... and please dont send me to the effects thing i only want to start with the vocal remover.... thanks
and i am not new user ..and i get my effects a long time ago.

and please if someone is reading this DONT ASK ME FOR F#$@%#$ EFFects ....i dont want to get this tpopic close.
you cant get those from here ...if you want effects buy the Freaking copy not expensive ..and its such a exelent program. (i am waiting for VD)

Inviato Sun 22 Jun 03 @ 2:26 am

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