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Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 12:14 am
I want to know how the dac 3 controller works. I have the Hercules Console MK2 and I love the features, but I would rather have a rack mounted control head. So how does it work and can anyone send me information on it. I see the one that says PCDJ on the side, will that work with VDJ.
Do I need a seprate DJ MIxer?



Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 5:07 am
I own both, the Hecules DJ controller and the DAC3. They both work the same with VirtualDJ. The DAC3 has a more professional look and feel to it. the buttons are very responsive and the layout is not to cramped. VirtualDJ has direct native support for the DAC3 and many other controllers, which means you dont need special midi drivers, just like HDJ and JPboggis has made an exellent mapper for it to suit VirtualDJ with video crossfading support and can be downloaded from the plugin page. The DAC3 does not have crossfader control so an external mixer would make life easier but not necessary, just use shortcuts. I believe the PCDJ DAC3 is made by Visiosonic for PCDJ software, but because it is a compatible midi controller it can work with other software providing you have midi drivers. The only problem with midi drivers is that you dont get lit buttons on the DAC3. Visit pcdj for full specs.


Dj Razz

Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 5:08 am
I love my dac3

its everything a dual cd player is, but better cause it controlls vdj. The buttons have a switch so they dont get stuck like the dj console. Its very professionally made and runs flawless in vdj with the dm3mapper thats in the download section. You do need a seperate mixer and sound card, as the dac-3 is just a controller. What you can do is use your dj console together with your dac3. So the dac3 will controll teh players, and the dj console will act as a mixer and as a second sound card.

Hope this helps


Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 2:08 pm
Perfect advice....thanks, I will be purchasing the DAC3 soon after reading this, my only question is how is the set up configured in VDJ while using both the MK2 as a soundcard/mixer and the DAC3 as the controller? Is this correct

-MK2 USB to Laptop
-DAC3 USB to Laptop
-MK2 to Powered Speakers


Dj Razz

Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 8:09 pm
yup that setup sounds right.

All you have to do is plug in the hdc2 and the dac-3 have the dac-3 mapper installed, and your on your way, everything just works right off the bat. I do also use the hdc mapper as well, to disable the jog wheels on the console and just about everythig else but the mixer portion


Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 9:45 pm
Just a note,

I would be carefull running two usb devices on the same computer. The HDJ requires full usb power to run. Perhaps you might need a powered hub?


Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 15 Feb 06 @ 10:43 pm
I wondered about that, I have 4 USB connections on my laptop, does that mean anything? I believe they are all USB 2, I can run my VDJ console in one and it works fine, at the same time I powered a external hard drive, so I hope this works ok....if not will I need to buy a powered hub?? Not too familiar with those..Thanks for the advice!!


Professional edition user
Inviato Thu 16 Feb 06 @ 2:41 am
Great Help Guys, So it would be wise to purchase the DAC 3 from VDJ. Also I have only 2 usb ports on my laptop. What do I do. I would rather have a nice DJ mixer in my rack along with the DAC 3. I have an external sound card that is 5.1 which is usb as well. It is a soundblaster brand.
So here is what I want to do.

laptop with external hard drive with all my music on it. dac 3 controller. DJ Mixer, and the external hard drive.

I have noticed that alot of guys on here are using the MK2 controller. I thought it looked poorley made and that no one who was a pro would use it. I like it i just wish it was rack mountable. What is the general feel with other jocks about the MK2.

Last question? does the DAC 3 have a headphone port or use it with the numark 6 chanel mixer and will it cue on VDJ.



Dj Razz

Professional edition user
Inviato Thu 16 Feb 06 @ 6:08 am
no headphone port, as its just a a controller. you would have to plug your headphones in the mixer or the mkII


Professional edition user
Inviato Wed 22 Feb 06 @ 4:46 pm
IM running a PCDJ DAC 3 with VDJ and it works perfectly, no problem.
VDJ 3.3 Pro has an option right in the configure screens to turn on the DAC 3 and thats it, it just works... I love it.

I used to use PCDJ software and purchased a package from PCDJ, the reason I switch to VDJ is because I could use the DAC 3 with VDJ and PCDJ software just sucks...sorry I just have no other way to express that company and their software.

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