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Inviato Thu 04 May 06 @ 12:37 am
I just got my X-session, and I'm having a little problem...

I set some knobs to control the EQ of each deck, but when I use the knobs it causes the track playing to stutter and skip. I think it's a latency issue, but I'm using a Firebox firewire card, so why should I have latency issues?

When I set the card's latency to its highest setting (25.0 ms) the problem happens less, but is there another way to take care of this? I'm running a Dell Inspiron 9300 with 1 gig of RAM and an Intel 1.6 ghz processor.

The other buttons I've assigned (including the crossfader) work just fine, and I'd really like to be able to control the EQ too, so any help would be appreciated.

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Art Director
Inviato Thu 04 May 06 @ 12:38 am
Does it skip only the FIRST time you use the EQ?
that seems to be a bug, that is still someone having issues with... but corrected for vdj4

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Inviato Thu 04 May 06 @ 2:04 am
It does it every time I rotate the knob. If I do it very slowly, it sometimes won't do it, if I turn it quickly it gets the most distortion.

Can't wait for V4!!! :P :P

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Inviato Thu 04 May 06 @ 7:26 am
My suggestion is to delete all the shortcuts that are in VDJ and start fresh and do them one by one. I am running the X-Session along with the MK2 and I had a few little bugs when I first tried to hook them up. Starting fresh would be a good suggestion. Make sure you backup the config you got now in case you need to DJ with keyboard shortcuts w/out the controller. Brian

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Inviato Thu 04 May 06 @ 8:22 pm
Before you start fresh, make a copy of the shortcuts.xml located in the VDJ installation folder. Always good to have a backup, just in case.

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Inviato Thu 04 May 06 @ 8:38 pm
ok, deleting all my shortcuts and starting over didn't do anything, but I did save a backup, so no harm done.

It definately has to do with my sound card. I'm using a Firebox ASIO driver, the latest one from the manufacturer. When I switch to my laptop sound card, the problem doesn't happen. When I use the Firebox as a soundcard and not the ASIO driver, the problem doesn't happen. It does mess with the waveform display when I turn the knobs, but nothing happens to the sound that isn't supposed to.

What can I do? This is very frustrating, I want to use the ASIO driver of my firebox, so I don't lose quality and outputs. :(