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Topic: when mixing videos, sometimes the video freezes but audio plays...
-VDJ 5.2.1
-RMX DJ controller
-Dell XPS M1530 Win XP SP2
-4GB Ram
-NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 512Mb
-Manufacturer Intel Pentium III Xeon processor
Clock Speed 2.5GHz
L2 Cache Size 6144
-Manufacturer Intel Pentium III Xeon processor
Clock Speed 2.5GHz
L2 Cache Size 6144
-TWO Buffalo 500GB Drives daisy chained and connected to laptop via ieee1394a on laptop
RMX controller is on usb port. I have 3 USB ports, two on one side and one on the other. I have the TWO buffalo 500GB drives connected together via ieee 1394 then one cable from one drive to the ieee 1394 port on the laptop. I do have a external hard drive on the usb port but its not on the same side as the rmx controller.
more often than not, when im mixing video, one of the videos will freeze but the audio still plays. if i "scratch" or just simply use the job wheel on that frozen video, it will pick up where the audio is.. but a short while later the video will freeze again but the audio still plays. it usually happens to one or the other deck, not both at the same time. this does not seem to happen on audio only tracks, just video tracks.
the buffalo drives are SATA drives 7200RPM. i have audio on one drive and video on the other. i did a test and put the video tracks on both drives which allowed me to have the same video on both drives so i could "mix" with two copies on separate drives rather than using the same file off the one drive--still saw the video freezing.
ive used different performance values and have not seen any change. i also have checked the "code while hidden" option and that does not seem to make a difference. i also checked "always" in VDJ when loading the entire track in RAM--again no difference.
i have the latest drivers for the RMX and downloaded than yesterday 10-15-2008
and latest VDJ 5.2.1.

anyone experience this? i can provide more info. would appreciate aany responses...

Inviato Thu 16 Oct 08 @ 3:01 pm
refreshing this thread.

is anyone using firewire external drives? USB 2.0 drives? is anyone mixing video and seeing the video freeze but the audio continues to play? once i jiggle "scratch" the jog wheel the video picks up where the audio is..

would appreciate any responses form people who are mixing with video... thank you...

Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 3:44 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
How are the affected video files encoded, and in what container?

Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 4:42 pm
thanks for the response..

container? i am not sure what you mean. i have audio and vieo on seperate drives. they are buffalo 500gb firewired tot he lappy theu the 4 pin ieee port.

i have different flavors of encoded files. some are from youtube. some are vob, some from itunes... is there one format that works best?

as an example,

i loaded the same video on both decks. i made a copy of the video so it was coming off a seerate drive.

deck A played just fine

deck b would freeze. also, when i back spun the deck, you can tell it was having isues as it was stuttering. i had dpc up and i saw some yellow bars but nothin red. i had all the drivers disabled i could, bluetooth, lan, wifi. i had no browers up and no firewall running. minimal resources needed to operate the computer.

so does this make any difference? meaning, deck b was having stuttering type issues and the video froze (audio was fine) but deck a ,playing the same video, was just fine.


Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 4:54 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
What was the CPU utilisation whilst the stuttering was taking place?

Do all videos in all formats do this for you?

By container I mean AVI, MKV etc...

It's not something I've had problems with personally, I've had a few issues with MKV files though.

Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 5:17 pm
I am wondering if his issues is related to having Xp but running the 8XXX vid card?

Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 5:21 pm
honestly i have only tried a couple. i will copy a dvd i have purchased commercially and see how that works.

i didnt lok at the CPU so im going to look at other files. like .vob for instance.

let me ask you...

is it overkill to have a seperate drive for audio and video?

may i ask, if your using video in your setups, how do you store your material? do you use seprate drives? one drive? just curious if i am over doing things...

also do you use ieee 1394 or usb if your using external??

Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 5:25 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
It could well be down to the encoding of those files then.

I think it's overkill to have a seperate drive for audio from video. A seperate single drive with all your media on makes more sense, especially for the essential backup purposes!

I do use video, and I store my library on one of my laptops internal drives. Previous to having a laptop with two SATA HDDs, I used a USB external without issue :)

Inviato Sun 19 Oct 08 @ 9:32 pm
i appreciate your posts. ill move all to one drive and keep the other as a backup drive. im using nero recode to get this dvd on the drive so ill see how those files work. worse case ill just purchse another laptop and ONLY use it for VDJ....

Inviato Mon 20 Oct 08 @ 6:06 am
yk23PRO InfinityMember since 2006
The problem is because of the system running XP and the Nvidia 8600 card. You can try to set the hardware performace for each monitor to the 3rd position as stated in the post:

I did not like this fix since if you rewind song on the opposite deck more the 1 second, the song playing would freeze. Also you will see some choppy video from time to time and low video performace. What worked for me, go to Vista(or back to), disable powermizer(fixes most audio skips and drop outs caused by the Nvidia video card):

I have a Dell XPS m1330, Nvidia 8400, Vista x64, Hercules RMX, External USB 500gb hard drive, TCCD/ASIO latency 4ms, Overclock enabled, Auto and Performace set to fastest. I play VOB's, AVI's MPG 1 &2, MP4's. It took me a few months to get everything working, but man it works great now.


Inviato Mon 20 Oct 08 @ 10:14 am
Hi there chaps,
Not a nice thing to say I know but i'm glad it isn't just me that is experiencing this problem!!!!
I must admit that I don't really use virtual dj andymore, had moved to another mixing program and was happy with it. Bought myself a new laptop recently, Dell d630 and iit came preinstalled with Vista...everything worked fine...everything mixed quality was awful though. Reformatted and installed Xp Lite worries.....again, everything worked fine but I only had a foreign language version and there were a few things missing from it. Finally found my actual proper copy of XP Pro.....installed....ran all mixing freezes video. This happens in my other mixing program but also in Virtual DJ too.

The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with certain configurations as I installed the same programs and codecs etc on the laptop in the same order with each operating system. Is really annoying!!!! I am currently in the process of saving off my data so that i can reformat and install XP lite edition again...just gonna bite the bullet as that was the best one for mixing with.

The annoyance is this though, which is quite bizarre...even now...I can still mix videos without freezes...BUT ONLY...if the video that is coming next has not been forwarded to any section other than the beginning. This is in Virtual if you are using automix and decide to move the slider forward for the next track in the list...the video will freeze...if you acccept the programs standard then it will mix fine.

In the other program that I use for mixing...the same thing happens unless you crop the beginning of the file away completely so it is not showing in the timeline...then it works.

Utterly bizzarre...and annoying!!!!

Inviato Sun 23 Nov 08 @ 10:08 am
Crazy8sHome userMember since 2010
Fixing Virtual DJ Video Freezing problem: I tried many options finally figure out the problem. It's the Hardware Acceleration. If your running Windows OS go to your display settings right click onto you desktop and click properties go to settings and click on Advance look for trouble shoot tab click onto it and you'll see Hardware Acceleration am sure right now it's set to full go ahead and set it down 2 notches down and click ok. Now you should be able to play both videos without freezing. If you have any other problem with other softwares go ahead and reset it back to full. Hope this helps! Let me know by replying to this forum Thanks!

Inviato Wed 13 Oct 10 @ 9:46 am
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
Disabling hardware acceleration isn't a fix as it breaks your ability to use plugins and transitions properly - so you might as well not be running video.

I believe this issue has been fixed in VDJ7 - please stop bumping old threads. Topic locked.

Inviato Wed 13 Oct 10 @ 10:32 am