Hardware Manuals

Rane - TTM57 MKII - Layout  

Volume Mixer

  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the left and right channels/decks.

  2. VOLUME. Use these faders to adjust the Output Volume of each mixer channel.

  3. CROSSFADE CURVE. Adjust the slope of the crossfader curve (cut to smooth behavior)

  4. REVERSE CF. Crossfader flip switch for normal and reverse behavior.
    When enabled Deck 1 will be assigned to the right side of the crossfader and Deck 2 to the left side.

  5. FADER CURVE. Adjust the slope of the fader curve (cut to smooth behavior) for the left and right decks.

  6. REVERSE FADER. Flip switches for the Left and Right Faders for normal and reverse behavior.

  7. CHANNEL SWAP. Use this button to swap the Left and Right Channels. When enabled, the left Volume fader will control the output level of the right deck and vice versa.

Note: The Crossfader and Volume faders will move the relative faders of the VirtualDJ GUI, but not vice versa (Fake mixer mode)