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Controller Definition & Mapping files for VirtualDJ

A controller in VirtualDJ is defined by two files, a "definition" file and a "mapping" file.
The definition file gives a human-readable name to every MIDI code or HID zone.
The mapping file associates each name with an action in VDJscript.

Many controllers already have a definition embedded inside VirtualDJ.
If you have a controller that is not recognized natively by VirtualDJ, or if you are a manufacturer working on a new controller, it is very easy to create a new definition file for this controller.


The definition files are standard XML files, and must be installed in the MyDocuments/VirtualDJ/Devices/ folder on PC or /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ/Devices on Mac.

The syntax of the definition file depends on the interface used (HID or MIDI):

Note : If you wish to build a custom definition for a natively supported Controller, you will need to name the definition file as force-whatevername.xml in order the built-in definition to be bypassed.

Mapping file

The mapping files are also standard XML files, and must be installed in the MyDocuments/VirtualDJ/Mappers/ folder on PC or /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ/Mappers/ on Mac.

Mapping files for the built-in (Native supported) controllers will only appear in this folder if they have been modified by the user via CONFIG -> Mappers in VirtualDJ.

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