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 MAC. Reveal hidden Library folder

Q. I cannot find the Library folder on my Mac

In new installations of VirtualDJ v7.0.3 and above, the VirtualDJ home folder which contains your database, playlists, skins, effects, etc. is now located in the Library folder to meet the requirements of Apple Store.

However, Apple have decided to hide the Library folder to prevent accidental modification by users.

Methods to show the Library:

  • Access via the Finder menu

    The Finder menu has some extra and hidden entries.

    Open a Finder window, click on the "Go" menu and press the ALT key to reveal the Library.

  • Access with a keystroke

    In any Finder window (on the Desktop as well), you just need to press CMD+SHIFT+G and then type in the following: ~/Library/

  • Completely unhide the Library (Expert users only)

    Run this command to reveal the Library: chflags nohidden ~/Library/

    If you want to hide the Library again : chflags hidden ~/Library/