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Skin SDK: The <customicons> element

You can define your own icons to be used by VirtualDj as follows:
<customicons file="mycustomicons.png" x="" y="" iconsize="64" nb="144" nbx="16"/>

The graphics for the custom icons can be in a separate filename.png file inside the skin zip, or inside the skin.png (if optional parameter file="" is not used)

Browser Icons Download - right-click and save as
*System Icons can be called by their name and be resized to any size needed
<icon sysicon="play_button" width="32" height="32" />

The available names are: context_menu, play_button, stop_button, sampler_mode, add_favoritefolder, add_virtualfolder, add_filterfolder, goto_last_folder, grid_view, view_options 'showmusic', view_options 'showvideo', view_options 'showkaraoke', show_splitpanel 'info', show_splitpanel 'sideview', show_splitpanel 'effects', font_size -, font_size +, sideview 'automix', sideview 'sidelist', sideview 'sampler', sideview 'karaoke', sideview 'clone', sideview ", sampler_bank -1, sampler_bank +1, sampler_bank ', sideview_triggerpad, karaoke, automix, effect_dock_gui, effect_show_gui, effect_active, effect_button, search

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