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 Video output to an external monitor

Q: How do I output video or karaoke to a TV or projector?

To display videos and/or karaoke on an external screen or projector, you will need to enable dual monitor (Extended desktop) support. You will also need a video card that is capable and has the connections for outputting two separate displays. Most laptops already have this capability for business presentation use.

To extend your desktop please see the appropriate guide for your operating system:

Windows 10
Windows 11
Mac OS X

Once your external display is configured and working please do the following:

  • Click on the VIDEO tab above the mixer to open the Video Mixer view

  • Load a video to a deck (the external video window will appear automatically), use a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V on PC; CMD+V on MAC), or click the large video preview window in the video mixer to open the external video display.

  • Drag the external video window to the second monitor

  • Once the video display is on the preferred monitor, double click the window to expand it to the full size of the display.

NOTE: To remove the VirtualDJ Logo from the external display you will need to purchase a VirtualDJ Pro Infinity license or Pro Monthly subscription. The logo cannot be removed in all other versions.

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