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Topic: Acw DJControl Instinct Performance
acw_djPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
Discussion about Acw DJControl Instinct Performance

Don't forget to select the Custom mapping from your Controllers - MAPPER - dropdown menu (where is factory default - select Hercules Instinct Acw v1)

Hercules Instinct Acw Custom Mapping changes:
Version 1:
1) Pitch adjust in steps of 0.1%
2) PFL allow select the active deck and PFL. If holding allow deck 3 or deck 4 selection.
3) CUE button is like Pioneer, in CUE_PLAY mode.
4) HotCue, assign 4 hotcues and delete it (on holding).
5) Loop: 1 for 2 beats loop, 2 for 4 beat loop. 3 for 8 beat loop 4 for 16 beat loop. On Holding: 1 for 32 beats, 2 for 64 beats, 3 for 128 beats, 4 for 256 beats
6) Effects: 1 activates and de-activates up to 8 different effects per deck.
7) When loop is ON, TRACK+ double the length and TRACK – half it. Jog and pitch does a loop_move.
8) If effect is active JOG moves the effect slider 1.
9) Play do REVERSE on holding.
10) All available leds work and blink depending on the active action.
11) When the button is not activated, the led would blink following the beat of the song (Like LED_Sync)


Inviato Thu 11 May 17 @ 10:58 pm
copel09Home userMember since 2009
no tengo cuenta plus o pro pero me interesa probar el map me lo pueden pasar GRACIAS.

Inviato Thu 09 Nov 17 @ 5:37 pm
acw_djPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
El costo para tener los mappers es de $49 usd (1000 pesos) y se compra en la pagina: (Licencia Casera Plus para Instinct) o la licencia Pro. No está disponible para quien no tiene la licencia de uso legal del programa, ni para pruebas.

Un Saludo,

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Acw DJControl Instinct Performance

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