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NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Hello! i can't exit to browser mode. I can't see the mixer. any helps? Regards

if you can't exit "from" browser
the only thing related is the "browser zoom" bottom left button which toggles the big browser hiding the mixer or switches back to mixer with small browser

if button doesn't appear it maybe screensize related , task bar over the button : switch off fullscreen mode using the '+ right of the VDJ logo
you may want to enable auto hide of task bar too

Inviato Tue 11 Jun 19 @ 2:43 pm
Love this 8 deck skin! I'm trying to accomplish several things here. If I raise too many topics please let me know and I will create separate threads. Here's the setup: 2012 Macbook Pro 15", High Sierra, VDJ Infinity latest update

Master out: basic usb audio device (dongle with one 1/8" stereo output. The device name is HEADPHONE in the script)
Headphone out: built-in headphone jack on side of Macbook
Timecode in: built in line-in jack next to headphone jack

CONTROLLER ROUTING: Timecode device: Technics 1200 CDJ, Midi Controller: Worlde - Panda 200 Midi = 48 Pads (16 Pads X 3 Banks) 16 Sliders (8 Sliders X 2 Controller Banks) 10 Knobs (5 Knobs X 2 Banks) 42 Buttons (21 Buttons X 2 Banks) 5 MMC Buttons (The Transport) Back, Fwd, Stop, Play, Rec

QUESTION 1: Is there a script (or setting) that will cause the Timecode to control which ever deck is selected? (Basically assigning the Timecode to the wheel in this skin) I'd like to do the same with the "transport" buttons. As of now the Timecode and the transport will only control Deck 1

QUESTION 1.5: I've mapped one button to "LOAD" and it too will only load the highlighted song in the browser to Deck 1 (whereas if I hit the keyboard ENTER key it will load the highlighted song to the selected deck, that's what I want this button to do) I'm going to start a separate thread about more specifics with this Panda 200 Controller (It's quirky but I like the layout alot)

Here's the script of my audio settings, and then the mapper for the button that I need help with (BTW it learns the PADS as BUTTON, the transport buttons as ENCODER, but the other sliders, buttons, & knobs it learns as SLIDER:

AUDIO ROUTING (settings.xml)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<audioConfig current="Panda &amp; Timecode">
<setup name="Basic">
<audio soundcard="coreaudio://46 (Headphone)" leftChannel="1" rightChannel="2" source="master" />
<audio soundcard="coreaudio://58 (Built-in Output)" leftChannel="1" rightChannel="2" source="headphones" />
<audio soundcard="coreaudio://68 (Built-in Input)" leftChannel="1" rightChannel="2" source="timecode 1" />

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mapper device="SIMPLE_MIDI_0_0" author="Professor Jeff" version="840" date="2019-12-25">

<map value="9-SLIDER0" action="load" />

<map value="9-SLIDER9" action="deck 1 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER10" action="deck 2 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER11" action="deck 3 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER12" action="deck 4 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER13" action="deck 5 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER14" action="deck 6 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER15" action="deck 7 select" />
<map value="9-SLIDER16" action="deck 8 select" />

<map value="9-ENCODER115" action="loop_half" />
<map value="9-ENCODER116" action="loop 64" />
<map value="9-ENCODER117" action="loop_exit" />
<map value="9-ENCODER118" action="play_pause" />
<map value="9-ENCODER119" action="sync" />

Thank you in advance for anyone that can help me get this done! I have a club gig this Friday and if i can get this functioning correctly I will be stoked! (I'm bored of the 2-Deck or 4-Deck scenario)


Inviato Thu 26 Dec 19 @ 6:56 am
Hi everyone - first time poster.

I am trying to figure out how to set up an "autofade out" (or autofade in if it woks that way too) in this skin where i can just hit a button (or click something) if I want the song to fade out (usually when I'm about to talk) on a given deck (in this case , one of the 8).

Inviato Wed 12 Jan 22 @ 6:49 pm
Hi im trying to create some alternatives for my favorite skin, and actually the only one i've been using the past year.

My first try is based on the "Buchla Easel V"

The actual skin so far in WIP:

I dunno how to show the images in this post. Bare with me...

Inviato Sat 04 Jun 22 @ 9:39 pm
Ah i understand now i dont have to make an img code they show up by them selfs.

The bottom one is the skin. If theres any interest i will finish and publish it!

Inviato Thu 09 Jun 22 @ 11:38 pm

Inviato Thu 16 Jun 22 @ 9:45 pm