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Topic: KEY Lock / Pitch Lock
Evening guys,

Not gigged in a few weeks, just checking everything over for a gig tomorrow and i'm a little confused with the Key and/or Pitch lock.

On previous builds I could raise and lower the Tempo on a track whilst maintaining the same key (no squeaky mouse voices or dying robot voices)

Now it seems there's no option to keep this same lock on... When I increase the tempo the pitch is increasing and vice-versa.

Am I missing something or is it gone for good?

Thanks in advance

Inviato Thu 05 Sep 19 @ 4:21 pm
check options/MasterTempo

Inviato Thu 05 Sep 19 @ 7:23 pm
Resolved! Thank you.

Inviato Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 3:55 am
np ;o)

Inviato Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 4:38 am
Dj SixGTPRO SubscriberMember since 2008
Thaaaaaaanks, you did my day...

Inviato Sat 15 May 21 @ 5:05 am
Just resolved my issue - many thanks

Inviato Thu 19 May 22 @ 9:35 pm