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Topic: Minimal

Inviato Tue 06 Oct 20 @ 1:10 pm
It is not in the extensions. How can we import it?

Inviato Tue 27 Oct 20 @ 3:01 pm
It is there - I just checked and downloaded it myself.

You probably just need to refresh the extensions cache (delete the *.json file from the /Cache/Plugins/ folder).

Why Atomix can't have VDJ refresh the cache file when VDJ starts, I do not know. They could even have a refresh button on the extensions page. Why is there even a cache anyway? Surely to download anything from that page, you'll need an internet connection, so if there's an internet connection, you shouldn't need a cache.


Inviato Tue 27 Oct 20 @ 3:39 pm
Was just fixed, so it will show in your Extensions real soon

Inviato Tue 27 Oct 20 @ 3:45 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
why is there no author"s name on site: Minimal By '' ? all other addons have
(Author appearing in VDJ Extentions page)

Inviato Tue 27 Oct 20 @ 3:54 pm
Thank you! I just downloaded and put into folder and that worked. Glad to hear it is in extensions now.

One request: Please show the time remaining and time elapsed somewhere.


Inviato Tue 27 Oct 20 @ 4:00 pm
user19956198 wrote :
Discussion about Minimal
its almost perfect for me ,is there a way to add broadcast and the mic section to it ? its very useful for me as i stream shout cast and don't mix


Inviato Sat 31 Oct 20 @ 5:25 am
Best skin so far - please add the pre-listen feature on the right side, then it would be perfect :)

Inviato Sat 30 Jan 21 @ 5:43 am

The next track buttons or not workin. How to enable them?

Inviato Mon 14 Mar 22 @ 8:44 pm