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Topic: effect_slider 'audioonlyvisualisation' 2
For some strange reason this mapping on both the apc 40 is reversed of every other fader up is off and down is on. Im confused.
line_fader_ master is the slider can anyone else check the apc 40, it works fine on the apc 20

Inviato Thu 11 Feb 21 @ 5:26 pm
Not sure why, if its hardware or mapper..

But can easily be "fixed" in the script you are using by prepending param_invert

param_invert & effect_slider "audioonlyvisualisation" 2

Inviato Thu 11 Feb 21 @ 6:25 pm
worked perfect.... thanks . I was driving me crazy

Inviato Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 1:31 am