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Topic: Automix not saving the playlist on close
Hi, first time poster and general noob when it comes to VirtualDJ - although I am getting there!

I want to know how I can set the Automix playlist to save what songs are in there on close. The seting "savePlaylist" is set to "Yes", yet when I close and reopen VirtualDJ between sets, list clears

Any ideas?

I have also been having issues with autokey setting reversing back to "yes" when I want all songs loaded to have the original key, but I may open another topic about that - many thanks

Inviato Sun 15 May 22 @ 10:01 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The content of the Automix list is saved on exit in /Documents/VirtualDJ/Playlists/default.m3u
If not saved, then perhaps VDJ doesnt have write permissions on this folder (check Folders permissions) , or didnt close properly (check Task Manager after closing VDJ)
Remember, it saved the current content, so if you enable to remove the Played Tracks from Automix, then on exit it will save only the not played ones.

To reset Key enable the setting resetKeyOnLoad from VDJ Options

Inviato Sun 15 May 22 @ 11:11 am