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Topic: vdj and streaming with usb mic interface
ok think i put this post in the wrong form at first. duh!!

hi guys im hoping you can help with possibly a very simple problem i have. im an oldschool dj and am used to running everything through mixers but an now doing a show on an internet radio station and im encountering a few issues. at the min i have a denon mc3000 controler (older but still solid) and have the issue that it has no mic eq. buying a new controller isnt an option as im disabled so cash is really tight.

the denon is set as my main pc soundcard and im running the rec out to the line in on my pc so that se caster can see it and broadcast the stream. this way i can use my speakers to hear my mix in my room without the latency delay.

i have a verrrrry old gemini ps 262pro mixer set up so i can eq my mic (shure mv7x) and then feed master output from that to mic input on the denon. this lets me clean up my bass a little as i have a bass heavy voice and the zero graphic option on the denon sounds awful

what i want to do is find a way to feed my mic into the pc alongside the denon while still being able to hear it in realtime. using the "listen to this device" setting in sound settings has an unusable latency.
i want to be able to add a compressor and a noise gate as well as eq the mic in software to sound more like a broadcaster on my show.

before i would have set up an eq rack, a gate rack and a comperssor rack unit then plugged that into the denon but both space and cash prohibit that.

sound empire caster has only 1 input so i cant just use 2 seperate programs as i cant find a way to combine the 2 sources into 1 output. its frustrating and possibly not explained well but im hoping someone here can make sense of my gobbldeygook and talk me through a simple way to sort this.

oh and not using an external audio interface for mic, i have an xlr to usb cable for that and zero cash to add anything else

any help would be great

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 1:08 pm
you could run the denon into the gemini and send the record output of the gemini to the line in on your PC :-)

run your speakers off the gemini master output and you can monitor everything including mic

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 1:29 pm
but that still wont let me add software effects and eq (compressor and such) to mic. ive just discovered i can add the mic to vdj but there is no way to eq that mic or add the software compressor or gate to it.

still getting used to it as im new to just using the pc

also the denon is my main pc soundcard.
the chain i have now is

windows sound setting : output : speakers (denon mc3000)
input : line in realtek high definition audio

se caster device: line in realtek high definition audio

denon main output to my stereo
denon rec output to pc line in
mic to gemini mic channel
gemini master out to denon mic input

i can remove the gemini by plugging mic either into denon input or via xlr to usb cable and adding that as a mic in vdj but hace no way of adding the eq or other effects i need. i see a lit of game streeming software can do this , such as sonar and voicemeeter but have no idea how to intigrate all this to my se caster as it only allows 1 input

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 2:38 pm

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 3:22 pm
user25909138 wrote :
i can add the mic to vdj but there is no way to eq that mic or add the software compressor

Yes there is. Three band EQ and FX can be added to the VDJ mic channel. You may not see these on the default skin but they are available.

Sending the mic through the computer will add latency though, so you'll need a good audio interface.


Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 3:32 pm
unfortunatly that effect plugin doesnt have either a compressor or noise gate that i can find. the mic input to vdj has a very slight delat, more a very slight echo and i could live with that is it dosnt show up in recordings so most likley wouldnt show up in broadcast but need to be able to process the input. vdj keep surprising me with the amount of things it can actually do. just need to make it do the last few things now lol

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 5:49 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You can select any effect for mic (there's a pad page I believe to show you how)
So you could find a compressor/noise gate VST and apply that to the mike.

For having the microphone show up in recordings, there's a setting recordMicrophone

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 6:03 pm
ok so after deep delving iv managed to map some spare dials and a button to control the mic and a 3 band eq. yay for customisable software. still no gate or compressor but im delving further down that rabbithole as we speak. now....unfortunatly.....

it seems like the software dosnt remember the eq positions. every time i launch vdj i have to retune the mic to an eq and volume that works for my voice. ive saved the settings but it resets every time. any way to make vdj remember where the eq positions are when i exit and relaunch? bit of a pain to have to do it every single time i use it but so far im making progress. lol still cant work out how to add vst plugins as that might fix the gate and compressor issue but ive come a long way so far thanks to the fourm and you guys

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 7:09 pm
You could add the EQ commands to an 'oninit' script at the start of your controller mapping.

VSTs are a bit awkward in VDJ compared to DAWs etc. as you can't setup a default VST location and choose from the ones you have installed. Instead you have to manually copy the DLL file from the VST folder into the VDJ effects folder. It's about time Atomix made it easier or more standard.

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 22 @ 9:37 pm