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Topic: Plug-and-Play with two controllers
ZAM mxPRO InfinityMember since 2015
I have the Pioneer DDJ 1000 and XP2. I have mapped the XP2, because connecting them together causes all functions to fail. It's a nightmare. It would be great to be able to tell Virtual DJ when you connect two controllers and the models, so you have native mappings and don't have to create them.

Maybe I ignore it and something similar to this already exists

(Sorry for my English).

Inviato Thu 15 Sep 22 @ 2:23 am
It should already work
I use for instance y DDJ-SR and my Korg Nanopad2 at the same time when streaming

Inviato Thu 15 Sep 22 @ 6:01 am
I have actually used DDJ-1000 with XP2 without any issues.
The only thing you probably want to do is to assign (via the GUI) the desired pad pages for each controller and make sure that independent pad pages option is enabled.

PS: Some functions are "common" in both controllers. You can change that, but that's combo specific.
For instance controlling effects. Doing something FX related on XP2 will also affect DDJ-1000.
This can be "solved" only on "per combo" basis. And even then I don't find it an issue or a big deal, but I do understand that some people may prefer it to behave different.

Inviato Fri 16 Sep 22 @ 12:38 pm