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Topic: Saving Undocked GUI locations
This is a very small wish. but this is the place for wishes.. so here goes..

when using the script: effect_dock_gui

It will dock and undock the FX GUI.

The wish is if one moved the undocked GUI window to a particular location, that this location could be used when it once again, undocked.

This is the behavior for say a floating browser, in that it always reopens at the size and location it was last used, this is persists between restarts of VDJ, and can even be on another monitor.

Would love to have a similar behavior, when undocking FX GUIs.

PS Currently there are 3 cases.
1) script: effect_dock_gui ? effect_show_gui & effect_dock_gui : effect_show_gui , on first use undocks the GUI in a default location, over the right deck, then if moved and closed, then it will open at that new location, if it was moved within the VDJ skin area

2) if was moved outside the VDJ Skin area, say a different monitor, then it reopens once again at the default location over the right deck. (location NOT saved)

3) VDJ is restarted.. then again the GUI opens once again at the default location over the right deck, (GUI location NOT saved between restarts of VDJ)

Again going back to the example of Floating Browser, the location is saved in all of the above cases, and allows for the Floating Browser to be reopened and quickly used.

Which is the wish I have for, saving the locations of Undocked GUIs.

And even the not ideal workaround:
will not work, because of 2) above, one cannot open the GUIs, that one would like to access frequently and save them to a location on a second monitor, for quick access, since once moved off the VDJ skin, they always default to covering up deck 2 when reopened/undocked. (and if not undocked, making the browser not that useable, when open)

Inviato Sun 15 Jan 23 @ 2:57 am