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Topic: Prime 4 Extended Screen Skin

Inviato Thu 09 Mar 23 @ 4:28 pm
How to install:
Go to VDJ Skin directory. For Windows this is:
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\VirtualDJ\Skins or %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VirtualDJ\Skins
On Mac: \Users\YourUserName\Library\ApplicationSupport\VirtualDJ

Delete or rename if existing: Denon Prime4
Rename Prime 4 Extended Screen to Denon Prime4
Restart VDJ
Have fun!

Inviato Fri 10 Mar 23 @ 6:48 am
Hey folks,

a new version (v0.2.5) of the extended screen plugin is available containing features and bug fixes:
* Pad Page selection in 4 pad version (Prime GO)
* Fixed browser in 2 deck vertical view, when line spacing is big
* Option to use classic browser view and card view in 2 deck vertical view
* Fixed some colors in daylight mode
* Better Times overview with beat jump display
* Optimize display of additional song information
* Added video FX overlay in big master video view
* Added battery indicator below clock, if laptop is not connected to power cord


Inviato 7 hours ago