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Topic: Pitch reset speed in bars
currently the way the pitch reset speed is measured its like "1.0" "2.0" and to be honest i dont know what this means. but i think it would be better if it were measured in bar counts (if its already doing this i apologise but i dont think it is)

this request is inspired a little by the pioneer rev 5 which has a auto transition feature that can change the pitch of a song over the course of a number of bars, to match the pitch of the other song....

anyways, that is a cool feature ,but this is something i do all the time on virtual dj anyways, either by moving the pitch manually, or just by hitting "pitch reset" on track B, this gradually moves the BPM to the zero point and takes both songs with it if they are pitch locked

only difference is it doesnt go by bars.
it would be cool if in the menu you could choose the bar count. could probably default to 8, i would imagine.

Inviato Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 10:44 pm
locoDogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Already, made, tested, released, revised and I wrote a scriptSchool on the new feature.

auto bpm transition Feature

Inviato Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 10:51 pm
ok, but also no harm to have the pitch reset to work this way no?

here is what i mean, the grey is how it looks now, and blue is my suggestion

Inviato Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 10:54 pm
+1 for the option of specifying pitch reset duration in bars.

The current pitchResetSpeed is specified in percent per second, which if you are not an engineer, can be a little convoluted. But the default value of 1.0 is simple to work with. Say your pitch slider is at +15%, then with pitchResetSpeed 1.0 the reset will take 15 seconds. And at +1% it will only take 1 second.

Inviato Sun 15 Oct 23 @ 7:27 am
-1 for pitch reset in bars ..
unless its set to, say 1% in the X number of bars.. else at times the pitch would/could change very quickly and other times very slowly depending on how much pitch adjustment needs to do be done over the X bars.

I prefer the current, percent per second,, so the rate of change is known. (and can be set)
and would be happy with a percent per bar rate.

As locodog has mentioned there is the new feature which was created.. for the Rev 5 auto transition feature.
Its called auto bpm transition

check this padpage extention where one can set the transition to occur over the fixed number of beats (as in with the Rev 5):

Here is a thread on the topic:


Inviato Sun 15 Oct 23 @ 8:02 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
I'll add the option to script it for those who do just want pitch reset.
pitch_reset 4bt

Inviato Sun 15 Oct 23 @ 8:18 am
locoDogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Added in BUILD 7716 (2023-10-16)
-pitch_reset accepts beats as parameter

I don't think this is right yet, as is
120 bpm resetting to 125bpm, it says; 8 beats @120 is 4 seconds, reset over 4 seconds, but the pitch has changed so it's not really 8 beats in the way that matters

I made a thing to how I think it should be, so test these 2 on custom buttons and give your opinion

As is, [put this on a custom_button]
pitch_reset 8bt

my idea [put this on another custom_button]
set resetDur 8 & set pitchchange `param_add 'param_multiply 0.01666666 "get_bpm absolute"' 'param_multiply 0.01666666 "get_bpm"'` & set resetResult `param_multiply 'get_var pitchChange & param_1_x' 'param_multiply "get_var resetDur" 2000'` & get_var resetResult & param_cast 'ms' & pitch_reset

try the two and state your preference, if the second is better maybe it could be baked into settings

Inviato Thu 26 Oct 23 @ 10:01 pm
amazing, thanks so much.
they both seem to work fine for me at 8 beats length, im not sure what is different about them.

it makes a lot of sense, now i think it can be used live. whereas i would never have used this function live before, only for practise at home

Inviato Sun 19 Nov 23 @ 12:27 am
locoDogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
They're the same now but when I wrote that there was a difference, the native was 8 beats worth of time at the bpm before the reset , the devs changed it to my version and hid all the math.

I've since wrote it into one of my skins, right click picks the length, left click calls the reset [I also moved double click instant reset to the % indicator]

Inviato Sun 19 Nov 23 @ 6:43 am