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Topic: sorry....but the new version...I need a date...!

Questo argomento è obsoleto e potrebbe contenere informazioni obsolete o errate.

Please !
Can somebody tell me on which date the new Version of Atomix MP3 will be release ?
I hope it will be before the 26.06 ???????

thank you !

You're software is the best !!!!

Inviato Thu 07 Jun 01 @ 7:24 pm
I wonder those virtual dj days when the post-service was superb! U guys are taking too long and thats not fear for atomix users :-(

Inviato Fri 08 Jun 01 @ 12:18 am
papalokHome userMember since 2001
Yeah man,
where's the new release. This is hella weak. For real. Ain't like I'm not gonna appreciate it when it comes out, but this constant missleading and false info to us, your customers, is bull. I know you guys wanted to get everyone amped on the dope new version, but when you lie and people find out, of course heads are gonna get pissed. Dig? So some real info would be nice or none at all will suffice until the new version comes out. Anyway, keep up the good work and peace.

Inviato Sat 09 Jun 01 @ 12:31 am
Pick one:

1. 1.2 released NOW. With all the bugs that are in it.
.... OUTCOME: A wicked mix at a club... until the sucker crashes and you gain an awful reputation. Better bring a discman with an Essential Mix on it for backup just in case.

2. 1.2 released WHEN IT IS FUCKING DONE. Bugs fixed.
.... OUTCOME: A wicked mix at a club.

You pick. I'm happy with waiting.

Inviato Sat 09 Jun 01 @ 4:53 am
just had to put the record straight here ..
ive used atomix out live and in all my time the software HAS NOT ONCE CRASHED on me!! Its most likely the machine the program is running on has played up and caused the trouble .. if yer unsure about the mp3s then test them fully b4 playing them out to an audience .. if any problems occur its most likey the sample rate or something needs modifying and that can easily be resolved thru any audio conversion software :o)
im still looking forward to a new version tho and perhaps the only things that concern me are that for one, the atomix team have not posted a list of new features they are working on [i see no point in keeping us in the dark anymore] and that my e-mail address since i first registered has changed!!
I hope its real soon now in any case and can only imagine what a great job the team have done to improve an otherwise almost flawless piece of software .. i have one suggestion tho that i thought was neat in the 'other' great mixing software - traktor ... i wouldnt mind being able to spinback the mp3s!!!
still .. we'll see what happens and be thanxful when it does appear .. peace and love y'all :o)

Inviato Sat 09 Jun 01 @ 12:08 pm

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