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Topic: Waiting for new version.

Questo argomento è obsoleto e potrebbe contenere informazioni obsolete o errate.

Of Course its sad we have to wait so long for the new version, I even can't hold my breath anymore, but lets just not get agressive and just talk about other things.
I've already made another cd so I don't mind working with the old version, let's just be patient (of course not to long :))
Peace to all of you DJ's.

DJ T-Fled.

P.S. Sorry for the bad English. :)

Inviato Thu 09 Aug 01 @ 1:18 pm
Brian CHome userMember since 2001
I don't mind working with the current version either, I'm using an external mixer so don't need an equaliser. In fact I'm very happy with it and am not shouting for a new version (of course it can only get better and I'm looking forward to that).

The reason I like it so much is the same reason the new version is taking so long to pass the quality checks.


I trust it 100%

Inviato Thu 09 Aug 01 @ 11:01 pm

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