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Jaime a pell Dj §aRgE, Im a Student at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) studying Software Engineering (first year). One of my hobbies is Djin, and this piece of software has interested me greatly!!
I agree with more Keybord shortcuts totally!!( check up - Topic : Working with your hands !!" The thing is, in any computer simulation, the idea is to make it feel as real as possible to the "real" thing, without all the hardships and costs one would have to face with the "real" thing. Ie, in any car racing simulation, (take a Ferrari for example), the software should make it "feel" like your in a Ferrari by making the engine sound the same, the speed be the same, etc etc, and the DAMN DASH BORED SHOULD LOOK LIKE A FERRARI DASHBORD!!! I mean, if we all had money to buy a flashy hot red Ferrari, who would want a crappy piece of software right??

Same thing with Dj'ing. If we all could get our hands on a turntable, mixer, and lighting, then the heck with bits n bytes!
My freinds and I were very dissapointed to see that, well atomix is such a damn good program, but it has a very limited amount of possibility, as far as Dj'ing goes.

Atomix is probably the best djing software Ive seen. However, it is lacking alot of good and obvious and mostly fundementally important things that move it away from proper DJing. For example, the crossfader is mad n all, But i think it would have been better if the 2 volume controls were assigned with 2 keys on the keyboard each, one for volume up and one for down.(Ex, (W,Z) for deck 1 and (R,C)for deck 2) So it would be like a real mixer.

Secondly, it needs some EFFECTS!!!! the software is lacking in this field baaaad!!! Voice removal would be nice :)
ANDDD, I have not yet seen a peice of software that does good scratching effects YET!!! so work on dat!!
none of them scratch properly. On most of them, i can make a better scratching sound itching my arse than the shitty mouse sqeak they give out!!

Thirdly, it needs more than one que point!!!!!!
its a pain in the arse to remember all the different parts of a song and to shuffle thru and find them!
What is good i think is if there were about 5 - 10 que points each assigned to a number on the keyboard ie, 1 - 0. that way it would be easier to jump to.

Forthly, Ok i havent really checked this out properly, but the quality of the recored 'mix' is prety crappy. there should be a option where the user has control over the quailty of the output and what the otuput should be. ie Mp3, Wav, Wma. what ever.

Fifthly, Where the hell is the Equalisation??
There should also be seperate Treble,Mid and Bass alternators.

Sixthly, Its a bit way too easy to do, it gets borring, and its not very impressive to show a freind when you say " hey im a dj" cuz any bet he will be as good first go as me on atomix.

make it more realistic!! Adding those keyboard keys is a damn good start i think!!

Also, has anyone noticed how calculating the BMP on HIP HOP/Rap and RnB is damn impossible???
I know this is normal, because there is no set BMP on these Genres. But one way of going about this is having a manual BMP calculator, where the user can "Tap" the beats on the space bar( while the song is playing), and for every beat "tapped" a vertical line should appear on the WAVE display, till the compleation of the song. On compleation of the full length of the song, these lines should show up as the "peaks" of beats. and any other song should be matched to these lines and the peaks or other lines.
Once these lines are "tapped" out onto the wave display of the song, the program should let the user edit the lines just in case the lines were mistapped. According to these "lines" the BMP should be calculated. using averaging mathematical techniques.

By the way, this whole section should be in a seperate module of the software. Also, any changes and any "Tapped" beats should be saved. so the user doesnt have to "tap" everytime he opens the program.
I know this can be very tedious, but mark my words, the mix would sound fabulous!!! at the moment, Atomix is a inadequate program to mix Hip Hop/Rap and RnB.

Ive seen programs that actually have this sort of Manual beat matching (like MixVibes Pro) , but instead of doing that vertical lines thingy i just pulled out of my arse, what they do is, they calculate the average after 30 taps. this is stupid because in many songs, the drums/beats start after about 10 sec into the song. The first 10 sec is just music or talking. so it will "map" the beats onto wrong places.

What u can do is do something in between. Ask the user if he/she wants to "Auto Map". if so, then make the user tap the first 10 taps or so, and using this as a image of the whole song, repeat it throughout the song, BUT MAKE IT START FROM WHERE THE USER STARTED FROM! so the actual beats match the mapped lines. then tell the user to edit the last beats as the ending of the song could just be music or just instruments.

"I, as many of you it seems, like to mix different kinds of music. Personally I try to stick with Trance and Mix is a bit of D&B and some funk. But I also like Triphop and Downbeat. Unfortunately these different music styles feature 4/4 or 2/4 beats and snare, kick, or deep bass beats but usually one or the other (or the other ;)) I would like to see 2 switches on each turntable. One for 2/4 or 4/4 beat detection and the other for snare or kick or deep bass. This would allow for beat detection and proper BPM in many different types of music. I would assume that if a program could detect 4/4 kick as well as this does, only a slight adjustment would be necessary to detect 4/4 snare or 2/4 bass or 2/4 kick, etc. "

This is also good too.

If i can think of other things ill post them up here, but if your already Excelent program had these functions i would pay as much as i would pay for a real Dj kit for it!!!!
it would make it the ultimate djing software!!!


Orivor! ( is dat how u spell it?)
Dj §aRgE. (just in case u want to contact me) !! :)

Inviato Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 6:21 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Argghhhhhhhhhhhh! What the hell here!!!

I don't like long mails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- well i will answer shortly because all the answers are already available on the forum!

We are working on all the points you are talking about but you can already manually edit the bpm column by double-clicking on the bpm row !

Inviato Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 8:51 pm
It's spelt Au Revoir by the way.

Inviato Sat 14 Apr 01 @ 1:57 pm

Yea i know you can manually edit the BPM, but how the hell are u supposed to know what it is if it cant be detected in the first place??

What i had to do was "TAP" it out manually on MIXVIBES PRO, because that is the only program that can properly work out BMP of Hip Hop/RnB and Rap songs, then 'manually" edit all the BMP's on ATOMIX.IT was a pian in the arse btw, becuase atomix cannot detect the BMP of these Genres. You have misunderstood me.


Dj, §aRgE.

Inviato Sat 14 Apr 01 @ 3:06 pm
I agree that a lot of the things you mention would make fabulous additions to Atomixmp3, and as Yan-X said, they are planning to add all of those. As far as calculating BPM, I use a program called AnalogX TapTempo. It's freeware, it's small, and you can download it at

I've tried TapTempo with 4/4 like Trance and House, D&B, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, even Rock, all with very nice results.

Mind you, you have to have a pretty good sense of rhythym to tap a spacebar at 178 BPM, so that you get an accurate reading, but you have to have a pretty good sense of rhythym to DJ in the first place.

Best of luck!


Inviato Sun 22 Apr 01 @ 11:52 pm

Inviato Mon 23 Apr 01 @ 7:17 pm

My name is Robert and i`m writting You from Croatia.

I have some ideas that (i think) will much incrase our amater mixing capability...

You should put in Your program an option that would permit us to save our mixes to cd so that we can choose on the cd what song we font to listen (like in mixvibes), cause now we can listen all our mixes like one song....sample: if i have mixed mabel - bum bum and dj dilerium - silence, when i save it with record, i have one song with mabel and dj dilerium in it, and not 2 songs mixed.... I please You look at mixvibes for it and put it in Your program!!!!

Second idea: it would be great if we could listen the song we are playing on atomix in the speakers, and the song we are going to mix in the first song on the headphones. With this we could make a better mix...

My mather is an owner of an caffe bar, and i am recording the music for it, so atomix helps me very much but with this functions it would help me muh better i lots of people here in croatia, so please PUT THIS FUNCTIONS IN ATOMIX!!!

Many Thanks!

Inviato Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 3:09 pm
Rodie83Home userMember since 2001
Damn, all that people shitting on that record function! You should be thankfull you can record your mix, and if you know the internet a little you would know there are a lot of programs which let you split .wav files! Personally I use CDWav 1.57 (free for 30 days) for splitting up my records, and I have to say I don't hear it when my tracks change on the cd-player! Try it out! Cu

DJ Roger

Inviato Mon 07 May 01 @ 10:58 am
As you already know - some of the functions you mention are promised for the next version (please Yan - get it released soon).

As for you saying it is all too easy to mix, but then on the other hand, saying the auto BPM calculations can't cope with Hip-Hop etc - why not try mixing manually, monitoring in the headphones and adjusting the pitch to get the timing of the beats correct. It works exactly like any decks or CD mixers - AND it will give you the more realistic DJ experience!!!!!!


Inviato Tue 08 May 01 @ 11:48 pm
Personally it's to easy for me too... so what I do is disable the atomatch button, put a piece of tape over the screen where the waveform is, and try and guess where the beat is. It's really fun, you should try it.

Inviato Wed 09 May 01 @ 1:11 am
Just another thought on calculating BPM's.

If I have a UK Garage track that shows a BPM of 88.9 - I know this is not correct. To find the correct BPM, I play that track with the pitch at +/-0% (or 100%)on deck A.

Then play a straight forward 4/4 beat tune that has an accurate BPM on deck B and adjust the pitch of deck B whilst monitoring using headphones until the beats sound in time (just like you'd have to with vinyl).

Keep both tunes running for some time, so you are sure the beats are in time accurately.

Then the BPM displayed in the window for track B is the BPM for the tune on track A. Simply overwrite the BPM for 'A' manually (by double clicking on the BPM reading in the file window) - and then every time you want to mix it in future, it is correct.


Better than having to 'tap' beats in I think - and it's already in v1.12.

Inviato Wed 09 May 01 @ 3:40 pm
sorry - forgot to login again mama.

That was my thought on BPM calculation above.

If you make posting on the forum only for registered forum members - I wouldn't keep on forgetting.........LOL

DJ DaveOcean

Inviato Wed 09 May 01 @ 3:43 pm
yeah, and jaime a pell is spelt "je m'appelle". But thanks a lot for trying.

Inviato Thu 10 May 01 @ 10:13 am
teb mid bass kill switches betterrecording a cross fader (not a volume fader) if you are mixing two tracks you want them to have equal volumes sometimes two keys on the key board to control tacks volume. + gain to make lower volume tracks louder.
for some reason when the tracks are mixed the drums sound off its not at all that bad though. dope program npeace jase from mtl

Inviato Wed 16 May 01 @ 12:09 pm

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