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I would appreciate you looking into having some set bank on the side for throwing my wav and mp3 intros into my mix without messing it up. I tried using Creative player in the background, whoa was that a mistake, the sound card flopped and so did my computer, luckily all was good after a reboot. If you could add some capabilities like intro/sample support bank possibly in a player contained to the side that you could play during a live mix then I think it would be alot better. Also the BPM counter is the best I have seen yet but still needs some major work, for example the ***LESS Hi-Songs such as house & Hip-hop could use some work. Trance, Techno, and euro seem to be fine so far.

Oh well thanks guys
Keep up the work on the greatest dj software by far

~Dj Skilz Chicago's Trance Master


Inviato Wed 18 Apr 01 @ 5:43 am

Inviato Wed 18 Apr 01 @ 5:44 am
You can already run another instance of atomix at the same time.

Try the 'multi-instance' in the config options and use that for samples, intros, playin with 3, 4 or even 5 and 6 decks at a time!

Inviato Tue 08 May 01 @ 11:25 pm

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