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Topic: Better Atomix

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My name is Robert and i`m writting You from Croatia.

I have some ideas that (i think) will much incrase our amater mixing capability...

You should put in Your program an option that would permit us to save our mixes to cd so that we can choose on the cd what song we font to listen (like in mixvibes), cause now we can listen all our mixes like one song....sample: if i have mixed mabel - bum bum and dj dilerium - silence, when i save it with record, i have one song with mabel and dj dilerium in it, and not 2 songs mixed.... I please You look at mixvibes for it and put it in Your program!!!!

Second idea: it would be great if we could listen the song we are playing on atomix in the speakers, and the song we are going to mix in the first song on the headphones. With this we could make a better mix...

My mather is an owner of an caffe bar, and i am recording the music for it, so atomix helps me very much but with this functions it would help me muh better i lots of people here in croatia, so please PUT THIS FUNCTIONS IN ATOMIX!!!

Many Thanks!

Inviato Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 3:12 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003

you can already do this on the full version!
For the record feature you will be able to create new wav files - one for each son you want to mix in order to burn directly your CD!


Inviato Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 7:16 pm
Hi !

In order to listen to the song you are going to mix with the headphones, you have to have either a 3D soundcard or two soundcards. This way you have 2 different outputs and can plug both your headphones and speakers. And as Yan-X mentioned above, you need the full version of Atomix. In order to split the single track you recorded into several tracks, you need to wait for the next version (released in a few days) or to use an external program.

Enjoy !

Inviato Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 7:22 pm
Actually you can use two channels with just one sound card by splitting left channel as the main channel and the right as your cue, or using left and right channels for the left and right decks into the mixer.

(I use this config on my laptop as I have not yet found a laptop with a proper 3d soundcard and I resent paying $400 for an external sound card with a 35-50ms delay that needs it's own power supply etc. )

It's not quite as nice as my SB Live 5.1, but it sounds okay. The only real problem is when you get a song that is split over the two channels for effect.

DJ Dez

Inviato Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 8:54 pm
GrimmPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Your better off (somewhat) to just using the whole complete wav and making a Cue file, then using a program like CDRWin, which can use/read Cue files, to burn your CD. This ensures that there are no gaps between tracks. Not all CD-writer programs can write mutilpe wav files to a CD, without any gaps between tracks. In fact, I've yet to use one that does gapless track writing with multiple wavs.

Inviato Thu 03 May 01 @ 1:49 pm
Did you try to use Adaptec easy cd creator to burn a cd without gaps? If you didn't i recommend it to you?
You will also see the feature lice crossfading on that software i mean you can burn crossfading the song isn't that great?
i haven't seen anything like this from competitor programs?
good luck?

Inviato Thu 03 May 01 @ 5:35 pm
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Hi all!

To record your CD´s with several tracks is no problem, if you use the track editor of i.e. feurio. It´s an unlimited CD burning software with great functions for music burning. You can make linked or divided tracks. You can find it on If you like it, please register it. The author did a great job.


Inviato Thu 03 May 01 @ 7:18 pm
I record mixes to minidisc externally,which allows me to insert track divisions wherever I want. I have also connected the MD mixes to CD burners and burnt full CD's w/out gaps or skips between tracks. This method allows for the profesional DJ (mixing externally, etc) to create high-quality mixes with sound that rivals studio-quality. I know this does not apply to many of you, but the $200 investment in an MD unit is well worth it, and you can record mixes over and over until it's right. I have used this method for several of my promotional CD's, which have gotten good reviews from many different club owners.

Inviato Mon 07 May 01 @ 5:53 pm

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